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The Reason for The Generator Set Shutdown

Jul. 15, 2022

The shutdown phenomenon of the generator set is mostly because the generator set is static for a long time. The various materials of the generator set itself will undergo complex chemical and physical changes with oil, cooling water, diesel, air, etc. Therefore, the specific reasons for stopping the generator set, Startlight Power Generation Equipment summarizes the following points:

open type genset

The starting battery of the genset fails unexpectedly, the starting battery of the genset is unmaintained for a long time, the electrolyte water cannot be replenished in time after volatilization, the starting battery charger is not equipped, the power of the battery decreases after a long period of natural discharge, or the charger used It is necessary to manually perform the equalization and floating charge switching on a regular basis, and the battery power cannot meet the requirements due to the negligence that the switching operation is not performed.

When water enters the diesel engine, due to the condensation of water vapor in the air due to the change of temperature, it forms water droplets and hangs on the inner wall of the fuel tank and flows into the diesel oil, causing the diesel water content to exceed the standard. Such diesel oil enters the high-pressure oil pump of the engine and will corrode the precision coupling. The plunger may seriously damage the diesel generator.

Long-term storage, the physical and chemical properties of the oil will change, resulting in the deterioration of the lubricating condition of the generator set when it is working, resulting in damage to the generator set parts.

Impurities enter the body of the generator set, and oil stains or impurities are deposited on the filter screen wall, which reduces the filtering capacity of the filter. If there is too much deposition, the oil circuit will not be smooth, so that the oil generator will be shocked due to the inability to supply oil when running under load. The water pump, water tank and water pipeline have not been cleaned for a long time, so that the water circulation is not smooth.

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