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The Reason and Harm of Volvo Generator Oil Leakage

Apr. 08, 2022

Oil leakage of Volvo generators is one of the common faults of Volvo generators. Oil leakage not only wastes resources, but also affects the stability of Volvo generators. Once oil leakage occurs, it must be dealt with to avoid unnecessary losses. What are the reasons for the oil leakage of Volvo generators and the harm of oil leakage to Volvo generators?

Volvo generator

Reasons for Volvo generator oil leakage: The paper pads are not up to standard and quality requirements, such as insufficient thickness, or improper storage, wrinkled deformation, or unclean assembly, stained with dust and impurities, these are the reasons for leakage.

When the oil pressure is too high, it can cause oil leakage from the static interface. The quality of the static joint itself, it is mainly composed of precision machining equipment and storage conditions. If the equipment has high precision, the flatness and surface roughness of the static joints can meet the design requirements of the drawings, and attention should be paid to prevent damage, etc. During storage and transportation, is it difficult to achieve complete sealing of the static joints? However, the equipment of some manufacturers is still relatively low level of precision and craftsmanship, and storage conditions and management levels cannot guarantee that there will be no bumps and scratches.

Poor maintenance, operating technique. At present, Volvo generators are generally self-taught mainly because the maintenance technology cannot keep up, and they are often self-taught in one way or another, especially when the machine is disassembled and assembled, due to the lack of special tools, parts are deformed or even damaged. Oil leaks due to deformation of parts. At present, the general disassembly method is with the main bearing cap bolts, and the screws screwed into the main bearing cap disassemble the top inner diagonal of the main bearing cap. During the disassembly and assembly process, it is very difficult to synchronize the progress of the two bolts, which is the main reason for the deformation of the main bearing cap.

Harm of oil leakage to Volvo generators: oil leakage in the diesel engine lubrication system will reduce the oil level in the oil pan, and in severe cases, the parts will not be lubricated and burned. Diesel oil leakage from the diesel engine fuel supply system will cause air into the oil circuit, making it difficult to start the diesel engine, causing energy waste and economic loss, and polluting the land.

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