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The Preferred Fire Extinguishing System For Diesel Generator Room

Mar. 30, 2023

Diesel generator is a small power generation equipment, which uses diesel as fuel and diesel engine as prime mover to drive the generator to generate electricity. In order to meet the reliability of the electrical equipment of the user unit, when the municipal power grid cannot provide two independent power sources, the diesel generator room is widely used as an efficient and practical temporary power source. In the specification and design of diesel generator rooms, the setting of fire extinguishing systems is necessary and important.


For the fire extinguishing system of the diesel generator room, common sprinkler, automatic sprinkler foam combined system, water spray, gas fire extinguishing, etc. are commonly used. Among them, the water spray fire extinguishing system has good fire extinguishing performance and low construction and operation costs, so it is generally the first choice for the diesel generator room fire extinguishing system. According to the type and cause of fire in the diesel generator room, the automatic sprinkler system is not suitable for extinguishing diesel fires and should not be used as the preferred extinguishing system. Although the water mist (ultra-fine water mist) fire extinguishing system and the automatic sprinkler foam combined system are suitable for fighting diesel generator fires, their construction and maintenance costs are much higher than that of the water spray fire extinguishing system. These fire extinguishing systems are only suitable as the preferred fire extinguishing system if they exist near the diesel generator room.


Water spray fire extinguishing system is an automatic fire extinguishing system derived from wet system. Its fire extinguishing mechanisms mainly include cooling, suffocation, emulsification, and electrical insulation. The four extinguishing mechanisms of the water spray fire extinguishing system are just suitable for three types of fires in the diesel generator room, especially its emulsification, which is more favorable for extinguishing liquid surface fires. In addition, the water spray fire extinguishing system can be connected from the wet automatic sprinkler system in the building. Its water supply facilities are readily available. It is economical and convenient to arrange water spray nozzles in the diesel generator room. However, in the following two cases, the water spray fire extinguishing system and other automatic sprinkler systems have limitations.


diesel generator

1. Diesel generator room located in cold regions. As the machine room is equipped with ventilation louvers, there is usually no heating system in the machine room. In winter, in order to prevent the water supply pipes in the machine room from being damaged by freezing, it is only necessary to add an electric heat tracing system or adopt a dry fire extinguishing system to prevent the water in the pipes from freezing. However, adding electric heat tracing will increase construction and operation costs and waste energy. The dry fire extinguishing system is adopted. Since it takes time for the pipeline to fill with water, the fire can not be started at the first time, so it is not suitable to use the water spray fire extinguishing system to protect the diesel generator room in this case.


2. One of the biggest limitations of all sprinkler systems. Currently, the fire water supply pumps in most public buildings are located inside the building and powered by two circuits of power supply inside the building. If both power supplies fail, they will automatically switch to the diesel generator room in the building for power supply. When the diesel generator is not working at ordinary times, the probability of fire is very small, and it is only when it is started that it is most prone to fire. Once the diesel generator needs to be started, it indicates that the other two power supplies cannot work properly. If the diesel generator has a fire at this time, it can not supply power, so there is no power supply, and the fire pump can not be started, and the water spray extinguishing system has no water source, which becomes a fiction. Only when the fire pump room and the diesel generator room are not in the same building, and the fire pump does not need the diesel generator room to provide power, the water spray fire extinguishing system can become the preferred fire extinguishing system.


The above is the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the water spray fire extinguishing system in the diesel generator room introduced to you by Jiangsu Starlight Power. I hope it can help you. If you need, please contact Jiangsu Starlight Power. We are a professional manufacturer of diesel generator sets and can provide you with services such as design, supply, commissioning, maintenance and machine room construction of diesel generator sets.


Founded in 1974, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Starlight Power Group, is one of the earliest manufacturers of generating sets in China. Over the past 40 years, the company has won the recognition of users by relying on advanced testing equipment, modern production technology, professional manufacturing technology, perfect quality management system, strong R&D technology strength. For more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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