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The Phenomenon That The Power Of Diesel Generator Set is Declining

Apr. 11, 2023

After the diesel generator set has been used for a long time, the power may decline, which indicates that the performance of the unit is declining. Generally, the performance decline or failure of the diesel generator set will be accompanied by a certain phenomenon. If your diesel generator set has the following phenomenon, it indicates that the power of the set is declining, and the user needs to pay attention.


1. The power of diesel generator is reduced. The comparison between the maximum exportable power of the diesel generator and the rated power specified in the technical specification can show the advantages and disadvantages of the technical conditions of the diesel generator set. During normal use, the degree of power reduction of the whole machine indicates the degree of wear of parts (such as cylinder liners, pistons, piston ring, etc.).


2. The consumption of lubricating oil has increased. During the normal operation of the diesel generator, the increase of lubricating oil is mainly due to the increased wear of the cylinder and piston set. The more oil flows into the combustion chamber of the diesel generator, the greater the blue smoke in the exhaust pipe of the diesel generator.


3. Diesel consumption has increased. The increase in diesel consumption is related to many factors. For example, the volume of the fuel injection pump is adjusted too large, the spray nozzle splashes oil, the cooling effect is poor, the inlet and exhaust ports are not sealed, the lubricating oil flow quality drops, the cylinder pressure is too low, and the flow used to run the diesel generator increases. Therefore, the increase of diesel generator oil Yang Yi is a comprehensive evaluation indicator.


diesel generator set

4. The cylinder pressure decreases. Explain the magnitude of pressure from diesel to extreme cylinder, as well as the degree of leakage from cylinder liners, piston components, inlet, exhaust valves, and valve seats.


5. The crankshaft pressure decreases. The pressure towards Europe can judge the wear degree of cylinder liner and piston assembly of diesel generator.


6. The oil pressure decreases. During the normal operation of the diesel generator, it was found that the lower the oil pressure, the greater the wear interval of the bearing.


7. The impurities in the lubricating oil increase. A few grams of impurities in the lubricating oil judge the wear degree of the internal lubricating parts of the diesel generator set. By testing the content of various elements in lubricating oil, the wear rate of each moving component can also be determined.


Main reasons for the power reduction of diesel generator set:

1. The air filter is too dirty and there is not enough intake air.


2. The fuel filtration device is too dirty and the fuel injection quantity is insufficient.


3. Incorrect ignition time.


4. The insulation level of the generator is also constantly deteriorating.


The power of diesel generator decreases, the consumption of lubricating oil increases, and the consumption of diesel oil increases, indicating that the performance of your unit is gradually declining. The performance degradation of diesel generator can be repaired and improved through repair and maintenance, but it cannot restore the same performance as the new unit. Therefore, the user must operate the diesel generator in a standardized manner, pay attention to daily and regular maintenance, and try to reduce unnecessary failures of the unit, so as to ensure the operating performance of the unit.


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