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The Omen before The Shaft Failure of Small Diesel Generator

Sep. 25, 2023

The crankshaft is a relatively important accessory for diesel generators. When stability cracks occur at the shoulder of the crankshaft journal of small diesel generators due to fatigue, the warning signs of the problem are not yet significant; As the crack expands and deepens, there is a melancholy knocking sound in the engine crankcase, which intensifies when the throttle is changed and the engine emits black smoke; Before long, the knocking sound gradually increased, causing the engine to tremble, causing the crankshaft to break, and then stalling. Therefore, when abnormal dynamics occur in the engine crankcase, it should be immediately stopped for inspection.

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When the fuel injection pressure of a small diesel generator is too high or too low, the fuel injector should be disassembled and cleaned, and corresponding debugging and repair should be carried out. Adjusting the fuel injection pressure too high or too low can lead to unstable diesel engine operation and lack of power, and even lead to early wear of parts such as the incinerator and piston. Generally speaking, if the injection pressure is assumed to be adjusted too low, it will greatly reduce the atomization quality of the injection, increase diesel consumption, and make it difficult to start the diesel engine. Even if it can be started, due to incomplete combustion of the diesel engine, the exhaust pipe will always emit black smoke, and the needle valve of the fuel injection nozzle will also accumulate carbon.

When installing a small diesel generator in a humid area such as a basement, attention should be paid to its moisture resistance. Doors and windows should be frequently opened for ventilation or exhaust fans should be used for ventilation. If the diesel generator is equipped with a space heater inside, the space heater should be opened regularly to dehumidify the diesel generator and prevent the formation of components such as the diesel generator coil and voltage regulator from being damaged by moisture.

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