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Is The Minor Repair of The Diesel Generator An Irregular Maintenance Repair?

Sep. 09, 2021

After studying the wear law of parts, it is the theoretical basis for dividing the repair category of the unit. Due to the differences in diesel generator parts, assemblies and assembly structures, materials, loads and working conditions, it is difficult to repair the same for how long the work is done. Therefore, the unit has three types of repairs of different nature: minor repairs, medium repairs and Overhaul.

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Minor repairs of diesel generators are irregular maintenance repairs. The main purpose is to promptly eliminate common faults during use, so that the diesel generator is in good condition at all times. The scope of operation is regular maintenance, eliminating mechanical damage (contact ablation, etc.) caused by natural wear, and replacing and adjusting some faulty parts, assemblies, and combinations caused by improper use and maintenance. Parts and assemblies, etc. The basic contents are: dredge the oil passage, water passage and exhaust passage; eliminate oil leakage, water leakage, and air leakage; remove the carbon and grease deposits on the cylinder head, piston, and piston ring, replace the piston ring; adjust the tightness of the fan belt, Valve clearance, oil pressure, fuel injection pressure and fuel supply time; replace the oil and clean the oil sump, air filter, diesel and oil filter; repair the starter motor and charging diesel generator; replace one due to an unexpected accident Damaged parts, etc.

The minor repairs of diesel generators are carried out after each season or after 500 hours of cumulative work. In addition to completing the routine maintenance of diesel generators, the main contents are as follows:

1. Open the window cover and clean up if there is dust accumulated in the motor. Use clean compressed air to blow off the dust on each part of the motor, paying attention that the pressure should not exceed 2*10Pa. The surface of each winding and the inside of the fan should also be thoroughly cleaned to maintain effective ventilation and heat dissipation.

2. Clean the surface of the electric ring or commutator as well as electric brushes and brushes. You can use a cloth dipped in gasoline (alcohol, kerosene, etc.) to wipe, and then use another clean cloth to dry the surface, and check the brush The wear condition and its contact with the collector ring (or commutator) should be ground or adjusted if necessary, and the pressure of the brush should be checked at the same time, and should be adjusted if it is not suitable.

3. Disassemble the small end cover of the motor bearing (the one at the shaft extension end does not need to be removed), check the consumption and cleanliness of the lubricating oil, if it is found that the amount of oil is insufficient, it should be added appropriately, and it is found that the color is uneven, hardened or contains other metals Impurities should be cleaned up and the lubricating oil should be replaced. Take the essentials when disassembling and assembling the motor. So as not to damage the motor.

4. Carefully check the electrical connections and mechanical connections of all parts, wipe and connect them if necessary.

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