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The Methods to Judge Water Inflow of Diesel Generator Engine

May. 06, 2022

Some diesel generators used outdoors are not shielded in time in rainy days, and the diesel generators are wet. If they are not taken care of in time, the unit will be rusted, corroded, damaged, and the insulation resistance of the circuit will be reduced when wet. The danger of breakdown and short-circuit burning will shorten the service life of diesel generators. Therefore, diesel generators used outdoors are usually equipped with rain-proof canopy diesel generators or containers. If noise is limited, silent boxes can also be configured.

genset generator

When it is found that the diesel generator has entered water, if the unit is running, it will be shut down immediately, and it is not allowed to start when it is shut down. The performance of the engine after entering a small amount of water, the following methods can help us to easily judge the water intake of the diesel generator engine.

1. Understand the oil usage

The color of the oil that is no problem is light yellow, brown, transparent and colorless, etc., but basically it will not be milky white. Pull out the oil dipstick, wipe it clean and put it back in to check if there is a milky white oil-water mixture. If so, it may be that water has entered the engine.

2. Check the air filter

Check whether the air filter and the lower casing of the air filter have strong traces of water ingress, and check whether there are strong traces of water in the intake pipe and intake manifold. Diesel generator users can disassemble the air filter by themselves.

3. White smoke from the exhaust pipe

When there is moisture in the engine fuel or in the combustion chamber, the water is heated by the heat released by combustion in the cylinder into water vapor, which is discharged from the exhaust pipe to produce white smoke. It may be caused by water entering the diesel generator engine.

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