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The Main Factors of Low Oil Pressure of Diesel Generator

Apr. 15, 2022

The diesel generator may have a warning that the oil pressure is too low during operation, and even stop running due to low oil pressure. What is the reason for this? Below, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will explain the reasons and solutions for the low oil pressure of diesel generators.

diesel engine generator

1. If there is an alarm caused by low oil pressure during the operation of the diesel generator, the operation should be stopped immediately for processing. After the shutdown, first check the scale of the oil dipstick to ensure that the oil level is at L of the gauge after five minutes of shutdown. The oil level close to the H level is the full oil level. If it is insufficient, the oil of the same type should be replenished to the specified full oil level in time.

2. If it is found that the coolant temperature of the diesel generator is too high, it should be stopped immediately, and the corresponding methods should be used to ensure that the temperature of the coolant is kept within the specified temperature value.

3. Check the oil filter of the diesel generator. If the oil filter is found to be blocked, it should be replaced in time. In addition, the oil filter should be replaced at the same time when the oil is replaced to prevent it from being blocked and causing machine failure. Before starting the diesel generator every time, check whether the oil filter is blocked or not, and replace it immediately if necessary.

4. Check the wiring on the oil pressure sensor to ensure that the connection is firm and reliable. Record the resistance pressure of the oil pressure sensor when the diesel generator is turned on, and then compare it with the table below. If the difference is large, replace oil pressure sensor immediately.

5. Check whether the viscosity of the oil of the diesel generator meets the standard. If the viscosity is too low, replace the qualified oil that meets the requirements in time.

There are many reasons for the low oil pressure of diesel generators. Here we will analyze the most common reasons. If the temperature of the coolant of the diesel generator is maintained at a high temperature value for a long time during operation, it will lead to The viscosity of the oil becomes low, resulting in too low oil pressure, the failure of the oil pressure sensor or the short circuit of the sensor signal to the ground may also cause the oil pressure to be too low, and other factors that cause the oil pressure of the diesel generator set to be too low, such as when changing the oil. Failure to replace the oil filter at the same time in accordance with the regulations leads to blockage of the oil filter in later use, resulting in insufficient oil supply in the oil pipeline, and the oil level of the oil is too low, and the viscosity level of the lubricating oil used does not meet the operating environment of the diesel generator requirements.

The above factors are the main factors leading to low oil pressure warnings and failures of diesel generators. If the cause cannot be checked, you can ask a professional maintenance engineer to find and eliminate the fault.

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