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The Importance of Oil Level for Diesel Generators

Feb. 21, 2022

For the administrator, it is necessary to check the oil level before starting the diesel generator set every day. However, in the normal use process, there are still many operators who do not pay special attention to the amount of oil. In the daily use process of diesel generator sets, there will be many factors that reduce the amount of oil and even cause oil leakage.

Therefore, before the usual use of diesel generator sets, especially after long-term use, it is necessary to develop a good habit of checking the oil quantity on time. So, if the oil level is too low or the oil leaks, what will be the impact on the diesel generator set? If the diesel generator set continues to be used in the absence of oil, what will be the impact on the engine?

genset generator

Diesel generator set oil, also known as diesel engine lubricating oil, can play the role of lubricating and reducing damage to the unit, and also play multiple roles such as heat dissipation and cooling, sealing and leakage prevention, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, shock absorption and buffering. Diesel generator sets are as important as human blood.

Diesel generator sets may be able to run for a short period of time when the oil is lacking, but then it is likely to hear the sound of popping valves and rattling shoes, that is, the lack of lubrication between the crankshaft and the connecting rod shoes. It is a kind of sound formed by the increased wear and the excessive clearance.

Or blue smoke from the exhaust pipe is generated. It is caused by the lack of lubrication and wear of the cylinder barrel and the piston ring. The phenomenon of burning oil may also cause the shaft to be locked, the connecting rod and the crankshaft are locked, and sudden stoppage occurs, etc. Hazardous situation. In addition, if the engine temperature is too high, it will cause damage to the whole engine, damage the valve train, crankshaft connecting rod, piston cylinder barrel, timing mechanism, etc., which will damage some components in light, and will directly scrap the engine in heavy.

In general, the lack of oil in the diesel generator set leads to the lack of oil provided by the surface of each friction pair, resulting in abnormal wear or burns. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure sufficient oil before the diesel generator set starts and during the operation of the diesel engine, so as to avoid the problem of pulling the cylinder and burning tiles due to lack of oil.

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