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The Importance of Hot and Cold Running-in for Generator Set

Aug. 01, 2022

The hot and cold running-in of the generator set refers to making the lubricants and bearings suitable for the continuous operation of the generator set. Divided into cold run-in and hot run-in. Among them, the cold running-in of the generator set means that the diesel engine is driven by the motor or other power to drive the crankshaft on the test bench to achieve the purpose of running-in the crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, valve train and other dynamic matching parts. This process is generally performed by the generator set manufacturer. Or the overhaul unit of the unit with better conditions is completed. For the general user, the main thing is to master the thermal break-in of the unit.

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The purpose of the hot running-in of the generator set is to check whether the diesel engine has any faults when it is working. Specifically, there are the following points:

1. Check the generator set for three leakages (water leakage, oil leakage and air leakage).

2. Check the assembly of the machine parts of the generator set and whether the clearance between the fittings is appropriate.

3. Check the generator set piston, piston tip, connecting rod bearing of crankshaft main bearing, etc. for any special noise.

4. Check that the engine of the genset is running evenly.

5. Check whether the engine oil pressure and cooling water temperature are normal.

6. Check whether the exhaust sound and color are normal.

7. Check whether the generator set fuel injection pump and fuel injector work normally.

8. Check that the genset valve clearance is proper.

It is worth noting that before the generator set is thermally run-in, all the assemblies, accessories and instruments of the diesel engine should be installed, and sufficient fuel, oil and cooling water should be added; all the contents that must be adjusted when debugging the generator set, such as valve clearance, fan belt tightness oil pressure, fuel injection pressure, fuel supply time, fuel supply amount and unevenness of fuel supply of each cylinder, etc., so that the generator set is in good working condition.

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