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The Importance of Diesel Generator Sets Cleaning The Water Tank Radiator

Jan. 14, 2022

Do you often clean the water tank radiator of the diesel generator set? When the diesel generator set is working, it will emit a huge amount of heat. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that the water tank radiator can work normally. In order to make the cooling system work normally, when the diesel generator set is working, it should be confirmed that the pressure cover of the radiator water tank should be tightly closed. Moreover, it is also necessary to regularly check whether the cooling water level in the water tank radiator is normal. If the liquid level is too low, it will affect the cooling effect of the water tank radiator, so it should be replenished in time.

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Then how should we maintain the water tank radiator of the diesel generator set in the daily use of the diesel generator set, and clean the water tank radiator of the diesel generator set frequently. The radiator of the water tank needs to be cleaned frequently to ensure the exchange of cold and heat between the cooling water and the air to achieve excellent cooling effect. Normally, when the diesel generator set works for about 500 hours, the surface and interior of the radiator of the water tank should be cleaned. First clean the internal cooling water of the radiator, and then use clean water to pass into the cooling core until the water flowing out is clear.

After the water tank radiator has been used for a period of time, if there is leakage, it should be repaired with solder. When it is found that some pipes are seriously damaged and cannot be repaired, the pipes should be blocked. One thing to pay attention to is that the blocked water pipes should not exceed three, in other words, the severely damaged water pipes should not exceed three. Everyone knows that a diesel generator set is composed of a diesel engine, a generator, and a generator control system. Some diesel engine manufacturers have matching water tanks, while others do not. Therefore, when our diesel generator manufacturers produce diesel generator sets, it is inevitable to pay attention to matching the correct water tank radiator.

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