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The Importance of Battery Maintenance for Generators

Jul. 11, 2023

The generator is a type of power generation equipment that primarily provides backup power during power outages. In fact, most of the time the unit is in standby standby mode, and there are fewer opportunities to put it into use in reality. In daily life, testing is mainly used, and there is a lack of satisfactory monitoring and maintenance skills. But there is no shortage of such backup power sources. How to ensure that the generator can provide real-time power supply and operate safely and reliably in emergency situations with minimal usage, and can be shut down immediately after a power outage.

backup power generator

Due to the infrequent use of emergency power supplies, whether the generator can start depends on battery maintenance. If the battery pack fails, the rare situation is when there is a power cutoff current, and the sound of the electromagnetic valve in the starting motor closing can be heard, but the coupling cannot be moved. There are three reasons why the battery pack malfunctions and causes a forced shutdown:

1. Adopting the method of stopping charging the battery during machine testing can result in low battery power.

2. Adopting a machine oil pump for transmission, the pump has a large amount of oil at rated RPM. The generator is being repaired, but the battery pack lacks power, resulting in the spring plate in the shut-off valve not sealing the fuel sprayed from the four oil outlet holes during shutdown due to insufficient suction of the solenoid valve.

3. Domestic batteries usually have a lifespan of two years and are not regularly replaced.

When the generator is running, people summarize a set of inspection methods of "one look, two listen, three touch, and four smell". Listening during startup is a very tense pace. Take the original American Cummins generator as an example, just press the start button, and the generator can be started after three seconds of maintenance. Within these three seconds, two "clicks" can be heard. Once the second sound cannot be heard, check whether the starting solenoid valve operates normally. If the solenoid coil is burnt out, the generator cannot start.

Because the unit is in dynamic state for a long time, various materials of the unit itself will explode huge chemical and Physical change with lubricating oil, cooling water, diesel oil, atmosphere, etc., thus "discharging" the unit. Therefore, attention should be paid to the performance of the oil. For the sake of fire safety, the diesel fuel tank is always placed in a closed room. Due to the condensation phenomenon of water vapor in the atmosphere due to temperature changes, it forms water droplets that hang on the inner wall of the fuel tank and flow into the diesel, causing the water content of the diesel to exceed the standard. If diesel enters the high-pressure oil pump of the diesel engine, it will rust the fine coupling component - plunger, seriously damaging the unit. Generator lubricating oil has a shelf life and can be stored forever. The physical and chemical properties of the lubricating oil may change, resulting in a deterioration of the lubricating condition during unit operation and causing damage to generator components.

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