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The Hazards of Unmaintained Parts of Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 30, 2021

Diesel generator sets need to be maintained if they want to extend their service life during use, so do you know what hazards will occur if diesel generator sets are not maintained? Below, the Starlight Power Generation Equipment will introduce it in detail:

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1. Cooling system

If the cooling system is faulty, it will cause two results: the cooling effect is not good and the water temperature in the diesel generator set is too high and shutdown; the water tank leaks and the water level in the water tank drops, and the diesel generator set will also fail to operate normally.

2. Fuel/air distribution system

The increase in the amount of coke deposits will affect the fuel injection volume of the fuel injector to a certain extent, causing the fuel injection nozzle to burn insufficiently, and the fuel injection volume of each cylinder of the engine is not even, and the operation situation is also unstable.

3. Battery

If the battery is not maintained for a long time, the electrolyte will not be compensated in time after the moisture in the electrolyte evaporates, and the battery charger is not equipped to start the battery, and the battery power will be reduced after a long-term natural discharge.

4. Engine oil

Engine oil has a certain persistence period, that is to say, if it is not used for a long time, the physical and chemical functions of the engine oil will change, and the cleanliness of the diesel generator set will deteriorate during operation, which will cause damage to the unit parts.

5. Fuel tank

Water entering the air of the diesel generator set will condense when the temperature is changed, and form water droplets that hang on the inner wall of the fuel tank. When the water droplets flow into the diesel, the water content of the diesel will exceed the standard. When such diesel enters After the engine's high-pressure oil pump is started, fine coincidences will be corroded, and if it is severe, the unit will be damaged.


6. Three filters

During the working process of the diesel generator set, oil or impurities will accumulate on the wall of the filter screen, and the filtering function of the filter will be reduced after passing it. If the accumulation is too much, the oil circuit will not be dredged. When the equipment is working, it will be caused by the lack of oil supply. Can not be used normally.

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