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The Harm of Brushless Diesel Generator Set Failure

Dec. 27, 2021

Brushless diesel generator sets are more and more accepted by users for their superior performance such as stable voltage, simple maintenance, and stable quality. Although with such superior performance, if you want to use less failures, you must do a good job of maintenance work. Once the brushless diesel generator set fails, it will not only affect production, but also waste money. Let's take a look at it together.

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1. Under normal circumstances, the shortcomings of brushless diesel generator sets mainly come from the short circuit between the stator winding and the excitation winding of the generator. This is the most harmful to the generator, because the short-circuit current between the phases is large, and the current generated at the fault point will be Break down the insulation layer, generator core and coil windings, and even generator sets.

2. The short circuit between the turns of the stator winding of the brushless diesel generator set will produce a large circulating current, which will cause the temperature of the defect to rise and damage the insulation layer. And it may become single-phase grounding or short-circuit between phases.

3. The stator winding is grounded in a single phase. When the stator winding is grounded in a single phase, the compensation current will flow over the diesel generator set. If it is a long time, the iron core of the generator will be partially ablated.

4. The loss of magnetization of brushless diesel generator sets will cause the generator to not generate electricity and affect the safety of electrical equipment in operation.

5. The excitation circuit is grounded. One point of the grounding problem is not too big, but there is no loop for the flow of faulty current. When two points are grounded, the faulty current forms a loop. It is the faulty current of the excitation winding that is too large, which may cause the excitation winding to break down. At the same time, it will destroy the symmetry of the magnetic flux and cause the generator set to vibrate.

The above content is compiled by Xingguang Power Equipment about the hazards of the failure of the brushless diesel generator set for the reference of the majority of users.

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