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The Generator Must be Cleaned During The Season Change

Apr. 04, 2023

It is now the season of alternating winter and spring, and Starlight reminds everyone to make sure to clean up the generator during the season change. It can be said that doing a good job of seasonal maintenance and cleaning can better exert the superior performance of the generator. The specific seasonal cleaning includes debris, oil dirt, soil, etc. During the cleaning process, attention should be paid to:

power generator

Clean the "three filters" and "three nets". Air filter, diesel filter, and oil filter are commonly known as "three filters". "Three filters" are paper filter elements, which are best replaced with new ones, except that the air filter element can be used after cleaning; The metal filter screen and filter element can only be cleaned with clean oil, a brush, or an air cylinder. Blow out dirt with gas, and do not burn it. "Three screens" refer to the filter screens at the diesel fuel filler, oil filler, and exhaust gas discharge ports, which should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure smooth flow.

In addition, Starlight also reminds users to pay attention to the rotating oil indicator. For generators with "winter and summer" rotary indicators engraved in the lubricating oil circuit (usually installed at the filter), the arrow of the indicator should be rotated to point to the word "winter" to achieve a large oil circulation. In this way, it can effectively avoid the phenomenon that the oil temperature is too low, resulting in a decrease in oil pressure and increased wear of components.

Seasonal maintenance of generators is also an important part of daily maintenance. Doing so can prevent the operation of generators from being affected by the seasonal climate, and also timely detect minor problems with components. Customers should promote and popularize it in practical operations.

After the production of generator sets is completed, in order to ensure product quality, manufacturers generally need to test the generator sets. What is the specific test? According to Starlight's experience, half of it is to test the generator system and conduct standardized testing of the generator equipment. The testing room of Starlight power generation equipment is a safe and reliable, high-precision load detection tool for intelligent systems, which can be used in various environments. Conduct daily and load carrying capacity tests for various types of generator units, including full load tests, three-phase unbalance tests, etc.

So what are the general problems that occur in generator set acceptance monitoring? After years of maintenance and testing experience in Starlight power generation equipment, there are several common reasons for generator set failures: long-term no-load or light load operation of the unit, insufficient fuel combustion, leading to serious carbon deposition, resulting in reduced load carrying capacity of the generator set. The replacement of the unit and the third filter is not timely, affecting the power output of the generator set:

1. The installation of the machine room is not standard, the location of smoke exhaust pipes and air inlets, and the noise reduction measures are unreasonable, affecting the power output.

2. The control protection sensor system is aging and cannot provide protection shutdown function.

3. When the weather is cold, the water pipes of the heater age.

The above three points are some of the problems that Starlight is most likely to encounter when detecting generator sets. Starlight power generation equipment reminds customers that when purchasing generator sets, they must communicate more with the manufacturer after purchasing, so as to ensure the quality of the generator sets they purchase. Once problems occur, they can also be promptly resolved by the manufacturer.

Starlight Power was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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