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The Function of Thermostat in Volvo Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 18, 2023

The function of the thermostat for Volvo diesel generator sets is to keep the engine water temperature constant at around 80 to 90 degrees, allowing the engine to exert the most economical power in a hot engine state. If the Volvo diesel generator set engine is operated at low temperatures for a long time, not only will the engine burn poorly, but the power will also decrease.

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When the engine water temperature of a Volvo diesel generator set is normal, it is best not to remove the thermostat. If the engine cooling system is all normal, but the water temperature is still high, the thermostat can be removed and the internal circulation can be blocked, which will improve the cooling effect of the coolant. In general, high water temperature is prone to occur in summer. You can remove the thermostat and reinstall it in winter. The water temperature is generally around 70 to 80 degrees Celsius, preferably not exceeding 90 degrees Celsius.

The absence of a thermostat in Volvo diesel generator sets will not result in non circulation of cooling water (not electrical), nor will it cause individual cylinders to fail to cool. A thermostat is a device that comes out after the engine has completely dissipated heat, cools through the radiator, and then goes directly to the water pump inlet or to the water pump inlet. When the water temperature is lower than the opening temperature of the thermostat, the cooling water flows through the internal circulation and directly enters the water inlet of the water pump. When the water temperature exceeds the opening temperature of the thermostat (around 70 to 80 degrees), the thermostat closes the internal circulation and opens the external circulation, which is dissipated by the radiator before reaching the water inlet of the water pump.

The above content is a summary of Dingbo Power Generation Equipment regarding the damage to the engine of Volvo diesel generator sets caused by not installing a thermostat. Therefore, it is necessary to install a thermostat in the use of Volvo diesel generator sets to avoid damaging the unit and affecting its normal use.

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