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The Essentials of Volvo Diesel Generator Set Maintenance Part 2

Apr. 01, 2022

Continue the last article. Abnormal engine noise: the common abnormal noise of Volvo diesel generator set is mostly abnormal noise of valve mechanism, which is manifested as loud and crisp sound at the valve master cover, and abnormal noise when the throttle valve is opened large and the speed is increased. The sound increases. This fault is generally caused by excessive valve clearance, which can be solved by calibrating the clearance according to the regulations.

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There is also an abnormal sound of the engine that occurs at the water pump, which is expressed as a continuous 4 humming sound, and the sound increases during acceleration, which is often caused by the lack of lubrication and damage to the bearing. Because there is no lubricating oil hole at the bearing of the water pump, this fault The occurrence rate is relatively high. When disassembling and assembling the water pump, a special press is required to avoid damage to its parts.

Low oil pressure: Volvo diesel generator sets use an oil cooler core, which is conducive to the cooling and lubrication of the oil. However, when the solder joint of the cooler chip is broken, the oil in the lubricating oil circuit enters the water channel, which reduces the oil pressure. When the oil warning light is on and the oil overflows from the expansion tank of the cooling system, the above faults should be eliminated in time to avoid the accident of burning the bearing. Damage to the oil pump gasket will also cause the oil to leak from the oil pump, the main oil passage pressure will decrease, the oil warning light will come on, and abnormal noise will occur at the crankshaft gear. After dismantling, replacing the gasket and assembling as required, the fault can be eliminated.

Cylinder pull failure and its prevention: Volvo diesel generator sets are not only powerful and economical, but also reliable and durable, but if they are not familiar with their structural characteristics and improper use and maintenance, it will cause the piston ring to break and become stuck, resulting in cylinder pull failure. , manifested as serious engine gas channeling, oil leakage, black smoke from the exhaust, decreased engine power, and significantly increased oil consumption.

Reason for pulling the cylinder: The temperature of the piston head is too high, which causes the hairpin of the piston ring to break and the cylinder wall to be pulled. The machine is equipped with a cooling plug, the lubrication system has a main oil channel on the side of the fuel pump, which transports the oil to each moving pair inside the engine for lubrication, and there is also an oil channel on the side of the exhaust pipe. Six oil jets above this oil passage spray oil onto the inner surface of the top of the stem to cool the piston, while lubricating the small end of the connecting rod and the piston pin. On the lower side of the oil ring perpendicular to the position of the piston pin, 4 oil holes are drilled on each side to lubricate the piston, the plug ring and the cylinder wall. If the oil is not sprayed on the inner surface of the piston, the piston head will be overheated due to poor cooling, the piston will expand excessively, and the piston ring will be stuck and broken, resulting in a cylinder pulling accident.

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