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The Essentials of Volvo Diesel Generator Set Maintenance Part 1

Apr. 01, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce to you the analysis of the essentials of the use and maintenance of Volvo diesel generator sets.

The supplementary combustion period is prolonged: due to the low engine speed, the fuel injection pressure of the fuel injection pump is correspondingly low, and the fuel atomization is poor; the airflow movement in the combustion chamber is weakened, and the diesel and air are mixed unevenly. The decomposition product cannot be mixed with oxygen and cannot be burned in time, but is delayed until the expansion process, and the oxidative combustion occurs with the disturbance of the gas. The oxygen in the cylinder decreases, the exhaust gas increases, the combustion conditions deteriorate, the supplementary combustion period is prolonged, the heat load of the engine parts increases, the exhaust temperature increases, and the working conditions of the turbocharger are worse, which affects the service life of the engine. .

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Incomplete combustion of diesel: When the engine is running under no-load or low-load conditions, the temperature of the combustion chamber is low, the physical and chemical conditions of fuel combustion are poor, and the ignition lag period is long, so that the diesel mixture will be discharged with the exhaust gas before it can be completely burned, resulting in a rich emission. Smoke phenomenon; due to incomplete combustion of diesel fuel, carbon deposits will be produced, and in severe cases, the injection holes of the fuel injectors will be blocked, the valves will be stuck, and the piston rings will be stuck, resulting in serious consequences such as pulling the cylinder.

Poor engine lubrication: When the engine is running at low speed and no load, the oil temperature and oil pressure are low, and the oil cannot lubricate well; part of the burning diesel will wash the lubricating oil on the cylinder wall, causing lubrication in the crankcase. The oil is diluted and acid is generated, which further deteriorates the engine lubrication conditions; the cooling bed temperature cannot reach the normal range, the engine parts cannot get the proper expansion, and the optimal oil film gap cannot be formed between the moving pairs, resulting in poor lubrication, thereby Increase the wear and tear of the engine and shorten its life.

Engine oil leakage and water leakage: The engine runs at low speed and no load, the temperature of the cylinder block is low, the various parts cannot get the proper expansion, and the gap when the air conditioner is in the state cannot be eliminated, and the engine will leak oil and water.

Oil-cut solenoid failure: The Volvo 6BT engine is equipped with an oil-cut solenoid valve at the upper corner of the pump in the high-pressure well. When the start switch is in the power-off block, the spool will return to cut off the oil circuit under the action of the spring, and the flame will be turned off; when the start switch is in the start block, the solenoid valve is energized to generate a magnetic force to absorb the spool, the oil circuit is connected, and the engine works normally . When the engine is difficult to start, if the inspection finds that the starter is working normally, the fuel pipeline and the fuel cleaner are not blocked, and the shoe polish pipeline is not leaking, this is usually a fault at the fuel cutoff solenoid valve. First check whether the third fuse from the left in the electromagnetic circuit is ablated: if it is ablated, replace it; The valve core is stuck at first, in the case of no replacement of new parts, the solenoid valve can be removed, the valve core can be pulled out, and then the solenoid valve body can be installed, and the engine can be started.

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