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The Difference Between Land Based Generator Sets And Marine Generator Sets

May. 12, 2023

The marine generator set is affected by multiple environmental climates, so the diesel generator set and the supporting radiator must meet the requirements of marine regulations before use, otherwise it will cause safety hazards and use problems.


In addition, marine units are divided into main engines and auxiliary engines, and in most cases, multiple machines are required to be connected in parallel. Land units are relatively simple depending on the specific situation, and the usage conditions of the two are also different. Marine generator sets are operated and used on inland rivers or oceans, so there are mandatory requirements for waterproof, moisture-proof, salt alkali resistant, impact resistant, and bumpy resistance.


The following four environmental factors will be considered in the manufacturing of general marine diesel generator sets and supporting radiators:


1. Moisture can cause damage to the insulation and other accessories of the generator winding, especially rust. The water tank body should be protected from rust.


2. Hull vibration and turbulence have a significant impact on the overall performance of the unit, especially the radiator structure.


3. Saline alkali corrosion in the marine environment (due to the alkaline nature of seawater) severely corrodes the unit windings and radiator cores.


4. The marine environment causes inconvenience in maintenance.


diesel generator set

The onshore diesel generator set and the supporting radiator will not be designed specifically for the above four aspects, while the marine unit must use the three proof water tank in consideration of the above factors, otherwise, once the unit is used, it will inevitably cause early corrosion and perforation, which will be basically impossible to repair and difficult to replace. The state also explicitly stipulates that marine units and components must have three inspection certificates, and only units that pass the inspection are allowed to be used normally on board the ship. The above requirements are also applicable to island units in similar environments.


The above is the explanation of Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. on the differences between land and marine power generation units. Welcome to communicate with our company about the relevant information on power generation units.


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