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The Difference Between Gasoline Generators and Diesel Generators

Mar. 17, 2022

In our daily life, we often hear two different engine equipment, diesel generators and gasoline engines. Literally, we can easily understand that the main difference between diesel generators and gasoline engines is that one uses diesel as fuel, and the other is Use gasoline as fuel. Diesel generators and gasoline generators have significant differences in other aspects except the fuel used. Below we will introduce these differences in detail.

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Gasoline generators use gasoline as the power fuel. Gasoline has strong flammability and volatility. It expands after being ignited by a spark plug. Therefore, gasoline generators have strong explosive power in workmanship, short work time and small size. Therefore, gasoline generators are often used in small cars. It is difficult to see in large construction machinery or large transport vehicles.

There is a significant difference between diesel generators and gasoline generators. First of all, diesel generators use diesel as fuel, and the low-speed output of diesel generators is much larger than that of gasoline engines, which is one of the main reasons why diesel generators are used as power in large construction machinery. At the same time, the life of diesel generators is much longer than that of gasoline generators, and the thermal effect of combustion is 30% higher than that of gasoline engines, but the volume is larger than that of ordinary gasoline engines. Therefore, our common large trucks and large construction machinery and diesel generator sets all use diesel generators instead of gasoline engines.

The specific summary is as follows: the structure of the two is basically the same, and the required fuel is different. The calorific value of diesel is relatively high, and the combustion of gasoline is relatively gentle. Power is different. In the same way that a diesel-burning car has more horsepower than a gasoline-burning car, the minimum power of the diesel generator set is 8 kilowatts, and the maximum power can reach 2 million watts. The maximum power of the same volume of gasoline can only reach 10 kilowatts. Type of ignition. In the cylinder of a gasoline engine, the mixture of fuel and air is ignited by a spark plug. In a diesel generator, the mixture is ignited using the heat from compression. Volume is different. The gasoline engine is small in size, easy to carry, and suitable for mobile power supply. Mixing of fuel and air. In the gasoline engine, the fuel and air are mixed in the carburetor and intake duct. In diesel generators, the mixing of fuel and air takes place after the diesel is drawn into the cylinders. The main uses are different. Diesel generators are mainly used for industrial power supply, and gasoline engines are generally selected for household use.

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