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The Danger of Long-term Low Load Operation of Diesel Generator Sets

Oct. 08, 2023

Do you know the dangers of long-term low load operation of diesel generator sets? Diesel generator sets should not be overloaded, and Cummins generators should not be operated at low load. If diesel generator sets run at low idle or no load for more than 10 minutes, they will damage the engine. Before choosing a diesel generator set, users must understand the power of the equipment and choose a matching diesel generator set. When the diesel generator set operates under low load and reaches a certain level of operation time, the following hazards will occur: poor sealing of the piston cylinder liner, oil leakage, entering the combustion chamber for combustion, and blue smoke emitted from the exhaust.

Cummins generator

Supercharged diesel generators, due to low or no load, have low boost pressure, resulting in poor sealing of the turbocharger oil seal. Prolonged low load operation can also cause wear and tear on moving parts. The longer the time, the more severe the wear and tear, and the deterioration of the engine combustion environment, leading to early overhaul of the generator set. If the oil accumulates to a certain extent in the turbocharger chamber, it will leak out from the junction surface of the turbocharger. Some of the oil that flows up to the cylinder burns, but some cannot completely burn, forming carbon deposits at the valves, intake ports, and pistons, causing blockages. Another part is discharged with the exhaust.

In this way, oil will gradually accumulate in the exhaust duct of the cylinder liner, and carbon deposits will also form. Therefore, in the production of diesel generator sets, both naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines will be emphasized to reduce or avoid low load or no-load operating time, and the minimum load should not be less than 25% -30% of the rated power. The Cummins diesel generator set operates at full load, which not only improves its performance, but also identifies safety hazards and avoids major accidents.

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