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The Composition of The Generator Set Diesel Filter

Jun. 27, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce to you what the diesel filter is composed of in the generator set.

The main requirements of the generator set for diesel: good ignition, easy to start the diesel engine and soft work. Good atomization, easy to form combustible gas mixture. The low temperature fluidity is good, ensuring smooth fuel supply to the fuel injection pump at low temperature, and no accidents such as blockage occur. Combustion products have less carbon deposits. Less corrosive, less mechanical impurities and moisture. All kinds of diesel oil itself contain a certain amount of impurities, such as ash, carbon residue and colloid. Compared with light diesel oil, heavy diesel oil contains more impurities.

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The content of mechanical impurities per ton of diesel may be as high as 100-250g, and the particle size is about 5-50μm. Hard particles with an average particle size of 12μm, diesel fuel may also be mixed with more dust and moisture during transportation and storage. The longer the storage, the more colloids are generated due to oxidation. After the diesel oil reaches the user department, there are often a large number of mechanical impurities, which far exceed the indicators stipulated by the state, so that the three major parts of the diesel engine are seriously worn during use, which is the most harmful to the precision parts of the oil supply system of the generator set. It may cause motion block and uneven fuel supply of each cylinder, and accelerate its wear, resulting in a decrease in the power of the diesel engine, an increase in the fuel consumption rate, and a waste of resources.

Moisture in diesel oil can also cause parts to rust, and colloid may cause precision parts to be stuck, so diesel must be filtered. In addition to the precipitation treatment for 3 to 7 days before the diesel fuel is injected into the fuel tank of the generator set, a fuel filter should also be set in the diesel supply system. Small single-cylinder diesel engines generally have one-stage filtration, and large and medium-sized diesel engines have coarse and fine two-stage filters. In some cases, a sedimentation cup is also set at the outlet of the fuel tank to achieve multi-stage filtration. The main function of the diesel filter is to ensure that the fuel used by the diesel engine is clean.

There are many types of diesel filters. The coarse filter is used to filter out impurities with larger particles, which can reduce the amount of impurities filtered by the fine filter and avoid the rapid clogging of the fine filter and shorten the service life. The fine filter should be able to filter out the smallest particles that are harmful to the oil supply system, and the diameter of this particle is about a few microns.

The fuel filter is mainly composed of three parts: filter element, shell and filter seat. 135 series diesel fuel filter assembly cross-section diagram, all models are common, only the relief valve has two structures, according to different models choose CO810A or CO810B filter.

The materials used in the filter element of diesel filter include metal, felt, cotton yarn and filter paper. At present, paper filter elements are widely used in diesel engine filters at home and abroad. The use of paper filter element can save a lot of felt and cotton yarn, and the paper filter element has good performance, light weight, small volume and low cost.

The fuel filter is fixed on the body or bracket with two M8-6H screws. If it is found that the fuel supply is not smooth during use, the filter element may be blocked. At this time, stop to let off the fuel, you can directly loosen the tie rod nut on the diesel engine, remove the casing and take out the filter element, then immerse the filter element in gasoline or diesel oil and gently wash off the dirt with a brush. If the filter element is cracked or difficult to clean, it must be replaced and filled with clean fuel.

The fuel is sent to the fuel filter by the fuel transfer pump, and the impurities in the fuel are removed through the paper core, and then enters the inner cavity of the oil filter cartridge and then leads to the fuel injection pump through the oil collecting cavity on the filter seat. There is an oil return joint on the filter seat and a built-in overflow valve. When the fuel pressure in the fuel filter exceeds 78kPa (0.8kg/cm2), the excess fuel is returned from the oil return joint to the fuel tank and connected to the low-pressure fuel pipeline. It should be in the direction indicated by the arrow on the seat, and the connection should not be wrong. The sealing washer at the bottom of the filter element is installed in the spring seat, and the spring presses the sealing washer against the bottom surface of the nut for sealing. The filter seat and the shell are connected by a tie rod and sealed by a rubber ring. The upper end of the filter seat is provided with a bleed screw plug, which can be loosened to remove the air from the fuel filter during use.

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