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The Cleaning Frequency of Generator Fuel Injection Nozzle

Mar. 29, 2023

The fuel injection nozzle of the generator is an important component of the diesel engine. In order to reduce the failure of the fuel injection nozzle of the generator and ensure the normal functioning of the fuel injection nozzle of the unit, users need to maintain and maintain the fuel injection nozzle of the unit. If the fuel injection nozzle is not cleaned for a long time, it will generate oil dirt, which can block the fuel injection nozzle and cause poor fuel injection. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the fuel injection nozzle frequently. Should the cleaning frequency of the fuel injection nozzle be high or low?

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Some people believe that the fuel injection nozzle should be cleaned frequently. But this is also wrong. Clean the fuel injection nozzle scientifically, otherwise it will be too laborious and useless. In fact, there are not many parts of a diesel engine accessory that really need to be cleaned, such as the fuel injector. One is that the size of the impurities in the gasoline flowing through the injector is not an order of magnitude compared to the clearance of the injector after the fuel is filtered through the dense mesh of the gasoline pump and then filtered through the fuel filter. The second is the glue contained in gasoline, which is difficult to store due to the high-speed spray of gasoline when passing through gaps. This is called "water dripping through stone". What's more, countless times a day, the needle valve and the contact surface are strongly knocked. The third is that most vehicle models use the outside cylinder injection method, and the temperature here is not high, which is several times better than the working environment of the spark plug.

The position that is really easy to affect atomization should be the outer surface of the fuel injection port of the fuel injector. The so-called advanced cleaning agents are things that contain benzene or benzene aromatic hydrocarbons, which can dissolve some carbon deposits when added to the engine for combustion. The cheapest cleaning agent is a carburetor cleaning agent, which can also be added to combustion.

Some friends always feel good when they see black water flowing from behind the exhaust pipe when cleaning carbon deposits. In fact, 90% of the black water is not carbon deposits inside the generator. Moreover, after washing and drying, burning gasoline or continuing to produce a certain amount of carbon deposition until it reaches an equilibrium state is of little significance. On the other hand, the combustion temperature of benzene aromatic hydrocarbons in the cylinder is much higher than that of gasoline, and it is not good for the generator to wash them if there is nothing to do. So don't wash it until it's absolutely necessary.

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