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Ten Reasons For Cylinder Pulling Failure Of Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 02, 2022

Cylinder pulling of diesel generator set is a common fault, which refers to the intense interaction between the diesel engine piston assembly and the working surface of the cylinder, resulting in excessive wear, galling, scratches, scratches, cracks or seizure on the working surface. After the cylinder is pulled, there are grooves with different depths on the cylinder wall along the direction of piston operation. At the same time, the lubricating oil may enter the combustion chamber, and blue black smoke will be discharged from the exhaust pipe, which will cause a large amount of carbon deposition in the combustion chamber. Combustible gas leaks into the crankcase. In case of serious leakage, the lubricating oil filler will appear "panting", and oil smoke will escape. At the same time, the piston of the diesel engine will make a knocking sound, and the power of the diesel engine is insufficient.


Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will analyze the common causes of cylinder pulling of diesel generator:


1. If the lubricating oil is poor or deteriorated, check and confirm. If it is, replace it with qualified and authentic lubricating oil.


2. The diesel generator operates at overspeed (or overload).


3. The oil scraping effect of the oil ring of the piston ring of the diesel generator is not good.


4. The cooling water enters the lubricating oil of the diesel generator, resulting in poor lubrication.


5. The temperature of the diesel generator is too high, which leads to poor cooling, high temperature of the cylinder sleeve and piston, which leads to overheating and expansion. At the same time, the lubricating oil will also fail due to high temperature, which leads to cylinder scuffing.


diesel generator set

6. Excessive carbon deposit in piston combustion chamber of diesel generator.


7. The lubricating oil pump of diesel generator is damaged or operates poorly.


8. The diesel generator uses inferior fuel, and incomplete combustion brings more combustion residues.


9. The diesel generator oil filter is too dirty or has poor filtering performance.


10. The piston ring of diesel generator does not work properly. If the piston ring gap is too small, it will break, and if it is too large, air leakage will occur and the lubricating oil film will be damaged. Too small upper and lower clearance or too much carbon deposit will cause the piston ring to be stuck and cause air leakage. After the piston ring is broken, the fragments are easy to fall into the piston cylinders, causing cylinder pulling and cylinder seizure.


The cylinder pulling of the diesel generator set is a relatively serious fault. The cylinder wall is scratched, which is equivalent to that the diesel generator has suffered serious internal damage and cannot operate normally. It is generally recommended to overhaul the diesel generator set, replace the cylinder liner to repair the cylinder, replace the piston and piston ring, and then find out the cause of the fault and repair it.


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