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Technical Standards From Diesel Generator Set To Generator

Nov. 30, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. talking about the technical standards from diesel generator set to generator:


(1) The design and manufacture of power generation facilities shall be carried out in accordance with national standards.


(2) Electrical performance index of generator:

Steady state voltage regulation rate: ± 2.5%.

Steady state rate adjustment rate: ≤± 2%.

Voltage fluctuation rate: < 0.5%, recovery time ≤ 1s.

Frequency fluctuation rate: < 0.5%.

Transient voltage regulation rate: - 15% ~ + 20, voltage recovery and stability time: 4s.

Transient frequency adjustment rate: - 7% ~ +%, frequency recovery and stabilization time: 3s.

Waveform distortion, line voltage waveform distortion rate: ≤ 5%.

Voltage setting range: ± 5%.


The generator

(3) The generator is of brushless type, and its rotating magnetic field is excited by the AC exciter and rotating rectifier device, and the excitation is controlled by the automatic voltage regulator.


(4) The rotor and stator shall have at least Class F insulation. The generator must be drip proof and meet the IP22 protection level specified in the national standard.


(5) The characteristics of the generator must adapt to the torque characteristics of the engine, so that the generator can make full use of the engine power without overloading when fully loaded.


(6) The generator shall be able to withstand overspeed operation 15% higher than the synchronous value.


(7) On a certain three-phase symmetrical load, the generator shall be able to work normally for 1h when any phase is added with a resistive load of 20% of the rated phase power, and the load current of any phase does not exceed the rated value. The difference between the maximum and minimum line voltage and the average three-phase line voltage shall not exceed 10% of the average three-phase line voltage. The generator must be able to bear an unbalanced load with a phase current greater than 20% of the other two phases.


(8) The generator must be equipped with a heater controlled by a thermostat, which is controlled by a manual isolating switch on the control panel. When the generator is running, renew the warranty to cut off the heater.


(9) The generator shall be able to withstand short circuit current of 1s at its output terminal without damage.


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