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Technical Measures to Prevent Damage to Volvo Generator Sets

Nov. 25, 2021

Regarding the technical measures to prevent damage to the Volvo generator set, first of all, we must pay attention to the prohibition of placing flammable and explosive materials near the Volvo generator set in operation and it is forbidden to overlap the welding machine ground wire on the hydrogen charging pipeline. During Volvo generator set operation, check the reliable operation of the exhaust fan, and regularly take samples from the exhaust fan outlet and the main fuel tank to monitor whether the hydrogen content exceeds the specified value (2%). If it exceeds 2%, the cause should be found out and eliminated. The sealed oil pump is working, the standby switch should be normal, and regular test records should be made.

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Non-excitation operation of Volvo generator sets is prohibited. When Volvo generator sets are running at high power rate, the automatic excitation regulator must be put into automatic operation. If the excitation adjustment is in manual mode, the power factor must be controlled to generally run within 0.95 of the hysteresis. Prevent the Volvo generator set from losing step.

For Volvo generator sets that have not undergone a phase advance test, the phase advance operation is prohibited if the phase advance capability is not clear. For Volvo generator sets that can advance phase operation, the phase advance is prohibited if the automatic excitation regulator is not turned on automatically. In operation, and in phase advance operation, the automatic excitation regulator must have the function of low excitation limit. Low excitation limit protection must be reliably invested.

The monitoring of the Volvo generator set body and operating parameters should be strengthened during the phase advance operation, and the iron core temperature of the Volvo generator set is over-temperature. Prevent non-full-phase operation and asymmetric operation of Volvo generator sets. Strictly control the negative sequence current of Volvo generator sets to prevent the Volvo generator set rotor from being burned out for a long time due to excessive negative sequence current. Strictly implement the emergency stop regulations of Volvo generator sets, and stop must be stopped to prevent damage to Volvo generator sets due to time delays.

Prevent explosion and fire accidents of the hydrogen system of Volvo generator sets. During operation, the hydrogen-cooled Volvo generator set and its hydrogen system are strictly prohibited from pyrotechnics. If open flame operations or maintenance tests are required, hydrogen leakage must be detected in advance, and gas sampling and analysis must be performed to confirm that the gas mixture ratio is within a safe range. The hot work ticket can only be processed. After review and approval, the person can work under the supervision of a designated person. If the above-mentioned work requires more than 4 hours, the above-mentioned testing and testing work should be re-entered.

If the operating personnel find an abnormal increase in hydrogen supplementation, they should promptly contact the relevant personnel to find out the leaks and eliminate them in time. The purity of hydrogen in the machine should be kept above 98%, and the oxygen content should be less than 1.2%. When these limits are exceeded, hydrogen should be discharged and then filled with pure hydrogen until the purity of the hydrogen is qualified.

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