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Symptoms of Water Tank Bubbling in Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 13, 2022

Some customers find the water tank bubbling during diesel generator set operation and think it is not a big problem, but it is not the case. If Cummins diesel generator sets, Volvo diesel generator sets, Perkins diesel generator sets and other power generation equipment detect bubbles in the water tank, they need to be checked for the following aspects.

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Starlight power generation equipment technicians concluded that the bubbles in the diesel engine water tank are generally caused by the high-pressure gas in the cylinder entering the cooling water channel. The causes and elimination methods of blow-by gas are as follows.

1. The plane of the cylinder head is unevenly processed or deformed, causing air leakage. Cylinder head flats should be ground or replaced.

2. Improper assembly, resulting in breakage at the shoulder of the cylinder liner and blow-by gas. Replace the cylinder liner according to the prescribed method.

3. The cylinder head nut is not tightened according to the specified torque. If the torque is too small, the cylinder head is not pressed tightly, and the high-pressure gas will escape into the water channel. The cylinder head nuts should be tightened to the specified torque and retightened periodically.

4. The cylinder head gasket has been used for too long, and it is damaged or burned, and the sealing performance is deteriorated, resulting in air leakage. To replace the new cylinder head gasket.

5. The height of the shoulder of the cylinder liner is not enough or the depth of the shoulder hole on the body is too large, so that after the cylinder sleeve is inserted into the body, the height of the protruding body plane is not enough, or even sinks, and the gas will enter the water channel from the shoulder. Therefore, it should be tested before assembly, check the amount of protrusion, and ensure that it is within the allowable range.

The bubbling of the water tank is a symptom of a problem inside the diesel generator set, which cannot be ignored. In fact, many common faults of the diesel generator set have precursors. You can find out in time if you pay attention to the operation of the equipment. I hope the above reminders can help everyone.

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