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Status Signals of Automated Generator Sets

Jul. 26, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the status signals of automatic generator sets.

container diesel generator

Start and stop signals. The start and stop signals of the automatic generator set mainly include abnormal main power supply (including power loss, phase loss, and voltage value exceeding the allowable value), and other signals set by the user according to the specific purpose of the generator set that require the generator set to start. These signals are sent to the controller in some logical combination. When its logic value is "1", the generator set will start automatically and act according to the specified control process; when its logic value is "0", the generator set will automatically stop after a delay. For the detection of abnormal power supply signals, phase-break protectors, voltage comparators, etc. are usually used. For some controllers with their own power detection devices, the detection of power supply signals is performed inside the controller, and no external detection device is required.

Genset operating condition signal. In addition to the working condition position (such as automatic working condition, manual working condition), the working conditions of the generator set to be detected include whether the start is successful, whether the speed of the generator set is normal, whether the pressure of the lubricating oil and the temperature of the generator set are abnormal, etc. In order to protect the generator set, when the start fails, the diesel engine is overspeed, the lubricating oil pressure is too low or the temperature of the generator set is too high, the generator set will automatically stop and alarm, and the system will automatically lock at the same time. Without manual intervention (unlocking), the generator set will not start automatically even after receiving the start signal. The detection of such signals is usually through dedicated sensors, such as speed sensors, pressure sensors and temperature sensors.

Genset status signal. In order to safely supply power to the load, it is necessary to detect the generator voltage, current, frequency and ATS status. When the above-mentioned power is excessive, there must be corresponding protection to avoid damage to the generator set, cause accidents or reduce the quality of power supply.

Other signals. In addition to the above signals, as an automatic control system, it is also necessary to detect battery voltage, charging voltage, fuel level, etc. to ensure that the generator set is always in a normal standby state and meets the requirements of starting at any time. In addition, the automatic generator set monitoring system used for communication generally detects the signal of the machine room environment (temperature, humidity, door alarm and fire alarm, etc.).

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