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Sound Attenuation Trough and Wall of Volvo Diesel Generator

Jun. 30, 2023

During the operation of Volvo diesel generator, a small amount of waste and small solid particles are produced, which is mainly harmful to noise. The sound value of Volvo diesel generator is about 108 decibels, seriously affecting people's normal work and life. In order to solve this environmental pollution, the sound insulation system of Volvo diesel generator can effectively send noise out of the machine room. The noise reduction and environmental protection project of Volvo diesel generator room must be designed and constructed according to the specific conditions of diesel generator room. In order to ensure the normal operation of Volvo diesel generator, in the design of the noise reduction project of Volvo diesel generator room, each Volvo diesel generator needs a lot of fresh air when it works, so there is sufficient air intake in the diesel generator room.

Volvo diesel generator

When Volvo diesel generator works, it will produce a lot of heat. In order to make Volvo diesel generator work normally, the ambient temperature of the machine room should not exceed 50 ℃. For the best working condition of Volvo diesel generator, the ambient temperature of the machine room should be lower than 37.8 ℃, and a part of the heat should be pumped out of the machine room. The engine room of Volvo diesel generator shall not be equipped with fuel tank, photo box, inflammable and explosive materials, and fire fighting equipment. At the same time, the parallel electrical cabinet and other electrical equipment should be isolated from the diesel generator room of Volvo, so as not to affect the working life of the electrical components of the Diesel generator.

Sound absorbing walls and ceilings shall be installed on the temple in the machine room to prevent the noise of the Diesel generator from coming out and rebounding from the roof of the machine room, and reduce the noise decibels of the diesel generator room. Silencing grooves and sound insulation walls are set on the air inlet surface, and forced air intake is adopted to keep fresh air required for normal operation of Volvo diesel generator. Silencing grooves and sound insulation walls are set on the air exhaust surface, and forced air exhaust is adopted to reduce the working environment temperature of Volvo diesel generator. Install a two-stage damping silencer on the smoke pipe outside the machine room to reduce the smoke exhaust noise of the Volvo diesel generator engine without affecting the exhaust emission.

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