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Some Requirements For Testing The Noise Value Of Diesel Generator Sets

Mar. 24, 2023

According to the level of noise, 30-40 dB is an ideal quiet environment. More than 50 decibels can affect sleep and rest. More than 70 decibels can interfere with conversations and affect work efficiency. Living in a noise environment above 90 decibels for a long time can seriously affect hearing and cause diseases such as neurasthenia, headache, and elevated blood pressure. If suddenly exposed to a noise environment of up to 150 decibels, acute trauma to the auditory organs can occur, causing rupture and bleeding of the eardrum, and complete loss of hearing in both ears.


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With the increase of national environmental protection requirements, the requirements for noise are becoming higher and higher. The noise generated by diesel generator sets during operation may also cause serious environmental pollution, especially in schools, hospitals, government units, residential areas, and other places where noise requirements are relatively high. In order to ensure that the noise value of diesel generator sets can meet relevant requirements, it is necessary to conduct noise value testing on the units. The following requirements need to be followed during testing:


1. When detecting diesel generator noise, it is best to conduct the test within a test distance of 1m.


2. When using a decibel meter to test the noise of a diesel generator set, the noise is measured at a distance of 1m and 7m, respectively.


3. Select an open and open site without debris or barriers that will increase the noise of the diesel generator set twice.


4. Noise values must be tested at multiple angles of the generator set in order to measure accurate noise values.


5. It is best to conduct a noise test on the diesel generator set in the dead of night to avoid other noise increases during the day and inaccurate noise test data for the diesel generator set.


By testing the noise value of diesel generator sets, it can effectively determine whether the noise value of diesel generator sets meets environmental requirements. Especially when purchasing a silent diesel generator set, you can use the above methods for testing. If you want to directly obtain a satisfactory silent diesel generator set, you can directly come to Jiangsu Xingguang Company for purchase.


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