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Solving Method of Volvo Diesel Generator Governor Failure

Sep. 30, 2021

Most users who have used Volvo diesel generators know that a speed governor will be installed on the Volvo diesel generator. This is because the speed of the Volvo diesel generator changes greatly when the load changes.

To be clear, when the load of Volvo diesel generator decreases, the speed increases, and the increase in speed leads to an increase in the circulating oil supply of the plunger pump. The increase in circulating oil supply leads to a further increase in speed. This continues a vicious circle and causes the engine speed. Higher and higher.

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What should we do if the governor of Volvo diesel generator cannot adjust the speed? At this time, you can directly contact the after-sales department, and a professional Volvo diesel generator technician will explain for you.

After installed a governor, but what's wrong with the instability? Is the quality of the Volvo diesel generator that I bought is not good enough? Of course not, the reason for the instability may be: too little oil, too low oil level will cause air to enter the oil of the device, check methods are: fill the oil to make it reach the oil level specified by the cursor, check the oil seal, Especially the oil seal of the drive shaft. Check again to see if the parts of the governor are worn out, and do a thorough inspection. Also, the working oil pressure is too low, which will also affect the instability of the governor.

Regarding the unstable phenomenon of Volvo diesel generator speed regulation, what we have to do is to do a good job of inspection, and then find a professional Volvo diesel generator manufacturer to do maintenance work. In addition, it is specially reminded that when friends use Volvo diesel generators, in addition to doing a good job of inspection work, their maintenance is also indispensable.

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