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Solve The Water Tank Blockage of Cummins Diesel Generator Set Part 1

Jul. 28, 2021

What do you do if the water tank of Dongfeng Cummins diesel generator set is blocked? We will clean it according to the following steps.

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Step 1-Start

Make sure that the diesel engine is cold. A hot engine means that the water tank is filled with extremely high-pressure, high-temperature coolant-and you may get burned when you open the water tank cover. Cold water can also damage a hot engine.

Step 2-Clean the water tank

Open and firmly secure the hood to avoid accidental slipping. Then, use a Nelon brush and soapy water to gently wipe off the dead insects and debris collected on the water tank grille. Make sure to scrub in the direction of the radiator fins of the water tank instead of the reverse direction, because the metal is fragile and easy to bend and deform. Once the grille has been cleaned, direct a gentle stream of water from the hose above the grille to ensure that all debris has been completely removed. Although you only flush your tank once every two years, it is a good idea to clean the tank grille every 12,000 miles or so.

Step 3- Place the drain pan

It is very important to properly discharge the waste coolant. Coolant is highly toxic, but has a sweet taste that appeals to children and animals. It must not be discharged unattended, and must not be discharged on the ground. Please make sure that you will not use the drain pan for any kitchen purpose-a drain pan that is used up and discarded is ideal. The drain pan should also be small enough to fit easily under your vehicle. Once you find the proper drain pan, slide it under your vehicle and align the center with the water tank drain valve (also known as the drain plug).

Step 4- Check the water tank cover

The water tank cover is used as the cover of the water tank to seal and pressurize the coolant in the water tank to keep the engine cool. The coolant pressure varies from engine to engine, and the pressure rating is marked on the top of the cover itself. A water tank cover contains a spring coil that stretches between the wide flat metal at the top and the smaller sealing rubber at the bottom. The tension between the spring and the sealing rubber is the key for the cover to maintain pressure. Therefore, if the two can be easily compressed, it means that the water tank cover is worn and should be replaced. Another phenomenon of replacing the water tank cover is any rust or dryness of the sealing rubber. Generally speaking, the water tank cover should be replaced at least every two years, so when flushing the water tank, you can treat it as part of your routine. Please keep in mind that different water tank covers have different pressure ratings, so be sure to save the ratings in your vehicle records.

Step 5-Check the clip and hose

Check the water tank rubber hose and clip. There are two hoses: the one at the top of the water tank, which discharges high-temperature coolant from the engine, and the one at the bottom, which circulates the engine with the cooled coolant. The water tank must be drained to facilitate the replacement of the hoses, so please check them before you flush the engine. In this way, if you find that the hose is broken or leaking or the clip looks rusty, you can replace them before refilling the water tank. The soft and thick porridge-like sticky marks indicate that you need a new hose, and if you find any of these marks on only one hose, please replace two.

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