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Solve The Water Tank Blockage of Cummins Diesel Generator Set Part 2

Jul. 28, 2021

How to solve of the water tank blockage of Dongfeng Cummins diesel generator set? Now we will continue with the following steps. You could visit the last article for more solution.

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Step 6-Drain the old coolant

The water tank drain valve (or drain plug) should have a handle to make it easy to open. Just loosen the twist plug (please wear work gloves-the coolant is toxic) and let the coolant flow into the drain pan that you placed under your vehicle in step 4. After all the coolant has been drained, replace the twist plug, and put the old coolant into the sealable container you have prepared next to it. Then put the drain pan back under the drain plug.

Step 7-Flush the water tank

Now you are ready to perform the actual flushing! Just take your garden hose, insert the nozzle into the water tank filling port, and let it flow to fullness. Then open the twist plug and let the water drain into the drain pan. Repeat until the water flow becomes clean, and make sure to put all the used water in the flushing process into a sealable container, just like you would dispose of old coolant. At this time, you should replace any worn clips and hoses as needed.

Step 8-Add coolant

The ideal coolant is a mixture of 50% antifreeze and 50% water. Distilled water should be used because the minerals in the tap water will change the nature of the coolant and prevent it from functioning properly. You can pre-mix the ingredients in a clean container or inject them directly. Most water tanks can hold about two gallons of coolant, so it is easy to determine the amount of use you need.

Step 9-Drain the air from the cooling system

Finally, the air remaining in the cooling system needs to be discharged. With the water tank cover open (to avoid pressure build-up), start your diesel generator and let it run for about 15 minutes. Then turn on your heater and turn to high temperature. This circulates the coolant and allows any trapped air to dissipate. Once the air is removed, the space it occupies will be gone, leaving a small amount of coolant space, which can now be added. However, please be careful, the air released from the water tank will come out and be quite hot. Then replace the water tank cover and use a rag to wipe off any excess coolant.

Step 10-Clean and discard

Check the twist plugs for any leaks or spills, discard rags, old clips and hoses, and drain pans that can be discarded after use. Now you are almost done. Properly disposing of old coolant is as important as disposing of used engine oil. Once again, the smell and color of the old coolant are particularly attractive to children, so please do not leave it unattended.


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