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How to Solve The Short-circuit Phenomenon of The Diesel Generator?

Dec. 29, 2021

Short-circuits may occur during the use of diesel generators. Do you know how to solve the short-circuit phenomenon of diesel generators? Below, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will introduce in detail how to solve the short-circuit phenomenon of diesel generators:

Due to the difference in the magnetic circuit reluctance between the direct shaft and the variable shaft of the diesel generators, and the stator and the rotor move relatively, the mutual inductance and self-inductance coefficients of the stator and rotor are not constants. It is difficult to solve the problem with differential equation analysis. , Using the principle of conservation of superconducting closed loop flux, explain from the physical concept, and derive the short-circuit current that appears in each winding when a sudden short-circuit occurs.

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1. The characteristics of sudden short circuit

(1) In the case of a steady-state short-circuit, due to the large synchronous reactance, the steady-state short-circuit current is not large, and in the case of a sudden short-circuit, because the super-transient reactance limiting the current is small and contains a direct current component, the short-circuit current is sudden very large, its peak value can reach more than ten times the rated current.

(2) With the emergence of this inrush current, the windings of the motor will be subjected to a large impact electromagnetic force, which may deform the windings and even damage the insulation of the windings.

(3) In the process of sudden short circuit, the motor is subjected to strong short circuit torque, and vibration may occur.

(4) The stator and rotor windings of the motor have overvoltage.

2. Characteristics of internal physical phenomena of diesel generators when a sudden short circuit occurs

(1) When a steady-state short circuit occurs, the armature current is constant, and the corresponding armature magnetomotive force is a constant-amplitude rotating magnetic field rotating at a synchronous speed, so it will not induce electromotive force in the rotor windings and generate current. From the current relationship Look, it is equivalent to the open circuit state of the transformer.

(2) When a sudden short circuit occurs, the magnitude of the armature current changes, and the amplitude of the corresponding armature magnetic field changes. Therefore, the transformer acts between the stator and the rotor, which induces electric potential and current in the rotor winding, and then affects the stator winding. From the perspective of electromagnetic relationship, the change of medium current is equivalent to the sudden short-circuit state of the transformer.

The above content is how to solve the short-circuit phenomenon of diesel generators organized by Starlight Power Generation Equipment for the reference of the majority of users.

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