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Solutions to Common Faults in Low Noise Generator Sets Part 2

Nov. 13, 2023

Today, we will continue to introduce some common troubleshooting methods for noise generator sets in the previous article.

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The check valve of the fuel transfer pump is not tightly sealed: the engine works normally after starting, but after stopping for a certain period of time, it becomes difficult to start. If the air release screw is loosened, bubbles may overflow, and the air needs to be discharged again before starting. This type of fault is often caused by the loose sealing of the check valve of the oil delivery pump. The inspection method is to unscrew the oil delivery pump outlet screw, and the pump manually pumps the oil to fill the oil chamber of the outlet joint. If the oil level inside the joint drops quickly, it indicates that the check valve is not well sealed.

Remove the check valve to check if the seal is intact, check if the check valve spring is broken or deformed, and check if there are particles or impurities on the sealing seat surface. Depending on the specific situation, grind the sealing surface, replace the check valve or check valve spring to eliminate the fault. The normal situation is that the oil level does not decrease for more than 3 minutes, and there is a strong spray of oil from the oil outlet joint when the pump operates the oil pump.

High pressure oil pipe blockage: When a certain cylinder's high pressure oil pipe is blocked due to deformation or impurities, an emergency generator may be purchased. After starting the engine, there may be a noticeable knocking sound in the oil pipe area, and the engine power may decrease due to the cylinder's inability to function properly. The inspection method is to loosen the oil inlet nut of the high-pressure oil pipe cylinder by cylinder. When a certain cylinder is loosened and the knocking sound disappears, it can be determined that the cylinder is a faulty cylinder. After replacing the oil pipe, the fault can be eliminated.

Stuck injector coupling: When the generator set injector needle valve is stuck in the closed position, there is a regular knocking sound near the cylinder head. It is caused by the pressure wave that impacts the fuel injector when the fuel injection pump supplies fuel. The judgment method is to loosen the high-pressure fuel pipe connected to the fuel injector end, and if the knocking sound disappears immediately, it can be concluded that the needle valve of this cylinder's fuel injector is stuck.

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