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Solutions for Diesel Generator Charging Current Too Small

Mar. 08, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce to you the problems related to the problem of too small charging current of diesel generators and how to solve them.

150 kva generator

The belt is slipping and the regulator voltage is low. The function of the voltage regulator: The voltage regulator realizes the automatic adjustment of the output voltage of the generator set by controlling the excitation current of the generator AC exciter. The generator voltage regulator can meet the use of ordinary 60/50Hz and intermediate frequency 400Hz single or parallel generators. By controlling the size of the excitation shunt current, the excitation current is changed to achieve the purpose of adjusting the generator voltage.

Diesel generator magnetic field line grounding or partial grounding short circuit of magnetic field coil, etc. If the magnetic field line is grounded or the magnetic field coil is partially grounded and short-circuited, the generator will not be excited, and the current will not be generated or the current will be too small. Use a multimeter to measure the electrical resistance value between the generator magnetic field terminal and the ground terminal. If the measured resistance value is very close to the specified resistance value, it means that it is normal. If the resistance cannot be measured, the multimeter does not indication, it means that the excitation circuit is blocked.

Diesel generator silicon diode leads are de-soldered and disconnected, so that one or two phases of the armature coil are disconnected. The contact between the brush and the slip ring is poor (dirt on the slip ring, too much wear on the carbon brush, insufficient spring pressure, etc.), the contact resistance is large, and the excitation current is reduced.

Solution for too small charging current of diesel generator: check the contact between the brush and slip ring of the diesel generator to see if any abnormality is found; use the DC voltage block of a multimeter to measure the output voltage of the regulator to check whether the output voltage is high or lower than the normal range . Measure the output voltage of the generator with the DC voltage block of the multimeter, and find that the output voltage is 5V (the connection between the regulator and the battery should be disconnected during the measurement), which proves that the fault is on the charging generator. When measuring the diodes, it was found that 4 diodes were burned out. Replace the diode, assemble the diesel generator, and then start the diesel generator to 1300r/min, the charging ammeter on the instrument panel shows 15A, indicating that the diesel generator is charged normally.

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