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Solution to Air Block Fault in Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 04, 2023

Do you know how to solve the air lock fault of the diesel generator set? The "gas blockage" fault of a diesel generator set refers to the obstruction of liquid flow caused by gas mixing with the liquid, resulting in the failure of the diesel generator set. In order to prevent the impact of air resistance, there are no cylinder air holes on the covers (plugs) of diesel generator sets, diesel engines, tanks containing oil or liquids, and containers to balance the air pressure inside and outside the tank chamber. If these ventilation devices are blocked, combined with the influence of machine overheating and environmental temperature, air resistance faults will occur.

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So what should be done if there is air resistance in the diesel generator set? Today we will explain to you. Before discharging air, the diesel generator set oil tank should be filled with sufficient diesel fuel, and the pipeline should be sealed. Then, it should be discharged in the following order. Firstly, loosen the vent plug on the diesel filter, and repeatedly press the oil pump until the diesel oil flowing out of the vent plug does not contain bubbles. During the diesel overflow process, tighten the vent plug simultaneously. Next, loosen the two bleed screws on the upper part of the fuel injection pump, remove air from the pump according to the above method, and tighten the bleed screws. The air in the high-pressure fuel pipe can be discharged by loosening the nut of the high-pressure fuel pipe connector of the fuel injector, and using the starter to drive the engine to pump oil from the fuel injection pump.

The air in the fuel injector can operate the fuel injection pump before installation until diesel is sprayed from the fuel injector. For individual fuel injection pumps, special tools can be used to pry the plunger of each cylinder of the fuel injection pump until diesel is sprayed from the fuel injector. The above is the treatment method for the occurrence of air blockage in diesel generator sets. When an air blockage fault occurs during the use of diesel generator sets, it should be dealt with in a timely manner. This situation may cause the pressure of water to rise after being heated, making the gas in the equipment unable to be discharged, affecting the efficiency of diesel generator sets.

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