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Solution to Abnormal Smoke Exhaust of Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 20, 2022

When the diesel generator set exhausts abnormally, do you have any good solutions? First of all, when you encounter black smoke from the exhaust pipe, you should first check whether the fuel supply advance angle of the fuel injection pump is correct. The method is to check whether the two locking screws of the fuel injection pump drive connection plate are loose, whether they are not in the middle of the notch, and the position of the locking screws. If the locking screw is not in the middle of the slot and there is a loose phenomenon, we adjust the fuel supply advance angle of the fuel injection pump. If the locking screw of the transmission connecting plate is fixed in the middle position and the screw is not loose, the next step should be checked.

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Check whether the load carried by the diesel generator set exceeds the rated value of the three-phase AC synchronous generator. If it is overloaded, just reduce the load and use it. Note that for diesel generator sets that have been used for a long time without normal maintenance, the load should be reduced. Check whether the air filter is too dirty, if it is too dirty, it should be cleaned; if the filter works well, check whether the valve clearance meets the technical requirements. If the above method fails to eliminate the fault, the single-cylinder fuel cut-off method can be used to determine the faulty cylinder, that is, the cylinder that emits black smoke. The method starts the diesel generator set and disconnects the high-pressure oil pipes of each cylinder of the fuel injection pump as required.

If the black smoke disappears or is significantly weakened after disconnecting the high-pressure fuel pipe of a certain cylinder, and the speed drop is more obvious than when the other cylinders are cut off, it means that the fuel supply of this cylinder is too large. After the faulty cylinder is determined, remove the injector of this cylinder and assemble it into another cylinder. If the fault is transferred to another cylinder, it means that the injector is faulty and should be removed and checked on the injector calibration table. If there is oil dripping, oil channeling or poor atomization, the fuel injection nozzle parts should be replaced and the fuel injection pressure should be adjusted to the specified requirements.

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