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Six Advantages Of Hybrid Energy Power Supply System

Dec. 24, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Power Guide: Due to the increasingly serious problem of global warming, countries have advocated a low-carbon economy, focusing on energy conservation and emission reduction, improving energy efficiency, and developing renewable resources. Hybrid energy power supply is called the mainstream, and the hybrid energy power supply system generally refers to the use of wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, diesel generator set power generation, storage battery energy storage power supply and other hybrid power supply. The power supply system of the hybrid energy power supply system is characterized by combining the new energy power generation technology with the traditional energy power generation technology. According to the relationship between the technical indicators and economic indicators of the wind, light, diesel and storage hybrid power generation system and the system scheduling strategy, the intelligent optimal energy exchange strategy of the system is determined. Now let's follow Jiangsu Starlight Power to see the advantages of hybrid energy power generation technology.


1. The use of hybrid power generation system can achieve better utilization of renewable energy. Because renewable energy is variable and unstable, the system must be designed according to the worst working conditions. Excess electricity generated during the peak solar radiation is wasted because it cannot be used. The economic performance of the whole system is reduced. After the battery energy storage system is equipped, the renewable energy can be maximized.


2. It has high system practicability. Because the change of renewable energy is unstable in independent systems, once a long period of continuous rainy weather occurs, the system power supply cannot meet the load demand, resulting in power failure or battery over discharge, affecting the practicability of the entire power supply system. The energy in the hybrid system can be switched seamlessly, which greatly reduces the cost of the system.


3. The use of the complementary characteristics of solar energy and wind energy, coupled with the diesel generator set as the standby power generation equipment, has greatly improved the stability and reliability of the system. Under the condition of ensuring the same power supply, it can reduce the capacity of the energy storage battery and greatly reduce the cost of the system.


diesel generator set

4. Compared with the system with single diesel generator, it has lower maintenance and operation costs. At the same time, the hybrid energy supply clock can be comprehensively controlled to make the diesel generator set work near the rated power and improve the fuel efficiency.


5. If the system is reasonably designed and matched, it can basically be powered by wind and light power generation systems, and the standby power supply (diesel generator set) is rarely used, which can achieve good economic benefits.


6. Better load matching. After using the hybrid energy power supply system, the diesel generator set can provide larger power instantly, so the hybrid energy power supply system can be applied to a wider range of load systems. For example, large AC load and impact load can be used. It can also better match the load and system power generation, as long as the standby power supply is turned on during the peak load period. Sometimes, the load size determines the need to use a hybrid energy power supply system. Large loads require large currents and high voltages. If only solar energy or wind energy is used, the cost will be high.


While using renewable energy effectively, the hybrid energy power supply system can also reduce air pollution, enhance environmental protection, and promote the development of green energy. It has good social and environmental benefits, especially for areas or facilities without electricity, power shortage, and power supply can not be guaranteed safely.


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