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Single Cylinder Direct Injection Energy Saving Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 10, 2023

Compared with traditional eddy current diesel engines, single cylinder direct injection energy-saving diesel generator sets have the advantages of fuel saving, water saving, good starting performance, and high horsepower due to their use of rolling main bearings, unique shaped combustion chambers, and porous fuel injectors, which directly inject fuel into the piston crown. They have become more and more widely used for supporting power of agricultural machinery. So, how can we choose a satisfactory single cylinder direct injection energy-saving diesel generator set? According to the needs of selection, there are many manufacturers producing direct injection energy-saving series diesel generator sets, and different manufacturers have different models. Users should choose diesel generator sets based on the matching requirements of their machinery.

diesel generator container

Before purchasing, it is necessary to carefully check the model, rated power, and rated speed on the nameplate. Firstly, the appearance inspection should be carried out. The surface of castings such as the engine body should be smooth, and the sheet metal parts such as the fuel tank should be flat and smooth. The exposed metal parts should not have defects such as paint peeling, scratches, and flow marks and ripples. It is particularly important to note that no part of the diesel generator set should have oil stains (leaks). Secondly, it is a static inspection. Place the throttle in the off supply position, apply pressure with one hand, and rotate the flywheel with the other hand. It should feel relaxed and free, without any jamming or abnormal noise. Release the pressure reducing handle and rotate the flywheel with both hands. There should be no air leakage sound at the intake and exhaust channels. Release the hand before the piston has crossed the compression top dead center, and the flywheel should experience reverse rotation. Otherwise, it indicates poor cylinder compression performance and poor power and economy of the diesel generator set. After reducing pressure, quickly rotate the crankshaft and observe that the red mark in the oil pressure indicator should be able to rise. Otherwise, it indicates that the lubrication system is not working properly and the oil pressure is insufficient. Push and pull the flywheel along the axial and longitudinal directions of the crankshaft, without any clearance.

Place the throttle in the fuel supply position, reduce pressure, and quickly turn the flywheel to hear a crisp fuel injection sound. Otherwise, it indicates that the fuel supply system is not working properly. Finally, there is a dynamic inspection, adding sufficient diesel, engine oil, and cooling water, and starting by hand, with a success rate of over 75%. After starting, shake the throttle, accelerate sensitively, decelerate quickly, and the speed transition should be smooth. Set the throttle to the minimum position, and the diesel generator set should be able to operate stably at the lowest idle speed. At this time, the number of exhaust times of the diesel generator set can be calculated calmly and there should be no idling phenomenon. At various speeds, the exhaust smoke of diesel generating sets should be slightly gray or colorless, and there should be no black, blue, or white smoke emitted. The running sound should be pure, clear, and rhythmic, without any abnormal metal tapping sound. After operating for a period of time, there should be no oil, gas, or water leakage at the joints of each oil pipe, shaft end oil seal, cylinder gasket, drain switch, cylinder head cover, etc.

Dingbo Power was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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