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Shock Absorber For Additional Accessories Of Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 28, 2023

The function of the diesel generator set shock absorber is to reduce the impact of the diesel generator set in the whole application process, make the diesel generator set run more smoothly at a certain level, and improve the safety factor of the unit in the application process. The buffering of natural shock absorbers on impact is not to immediately eliminate it, but to use its structural principles to handle the vibrations formed throughout the entire process of impact, in other words, to slow down the frequency and magnitude of vibrations.


Generally speaking, the foundation of the diesel generator set should be built on the hard soil ground. After compaction, a 200mm thick concrete ground should be made. The ground should be flat. The foundation is to provide a rigid support point for the diesel generator to avoid shaking and vibration. In order to reduce the vibration of the generator set to the building as much as possible, the generator set is equipped with a shock absorber, which is installed between the alternator foot of the diesel generator and the chassis. This allows the chassis to be directly fixed to the foundation. As for the larger generator set, the diesel generator alternator is rigidly fixed on the chassis, and the shock absorber is attached for the user to use between the chassis and the foundation during assembly. In any case, the generator set should be securely bolted to the ground to prevent movement.


diesel generator set

The external connectors of the diesel generator set need to be connected with shock absorption, such as flexible fuel pipes, exhaust hoses, flexible interfaces of exhaust pipes, wire hoses and other connection support systems.


As an additional accessory of the diesel generator set, the shock absorber should be overhauled under the guidance of professional technicians or by professionals. If it cannot be roughly distinguished according to its own work experience, it may misjudge the vibration and finally endanger the operation safety.


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