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Several Conditions Causing White Smoke Of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 07, 2023

Under normal operating temperature, the exhaust smoke color of Cummins diesel generator set is colorless or light gray. In case of certain fault, abnormal smoke color may occur. For example, the exhaust gas is black, blue or white, while the white smoke from the diesel generator unit actually refers to the moisture in the exhaust gas or contains fuel that is not fully burned. Generally speaking, the conditions that lead to white smoke of Cummins diesel generator set can be divided into the following categories, which users need to understand.


1. When the Cummins diesel generator set is just started or in cold state, the exhaust pipe emits white smoke because of the low temperature in the cylinder of the Cummins diesel generator set, especially evaporation. This phenomenon is particularly common in winter.


Because of the cold weather in winter, when the Cummins diesel generator set is running, the temperature of the diesel engine and exhaust pipe is low, and the hot water vapor condenses into water vapor to form "white smoke".


2. During the operation of Cummins diesel generator set, the atomized diesel injected into the cylinder is discharged without complete combustion. The reasons for incomplete combustion of diesel are as follows:


Cummins diesel generator set

(1) The fuel injection nozzle of the diesel generator set is stuck, the pressure is insufficient, and the diesel atomization is poor.

(2) There is a lot of air in the oil circuit and water in the diesel fuel.

(3) The oil supply of diesel generator set is too late. In case of the above situations, check the fuel injection nozzle of diesel generator set, and adjust or replace the fuel injection nozzle. Check the oil circuit, remove air from the circuit, and use standard diesel fuel.


3. The cylinder liner of Cummins diesel generator set is cracked or the cylinder gasket is damaged. As the temperature and pressure of cooling water rise, the cooling water enters the cylinder. Cummins diesel generator set is easy to form water mist or steam when exhausting.


4. The oil supply advance angle of Cummins diesel generator set is too small. There is too little fuel injected into the cylinder before the piston goes up to the cylinder top, forming a relatively thin combustible mixture. The amount of premixed fuel is reduced by too late injection, thus reducing the combustion speed of the fuel in Cummins diesel generator set. The combustion ends late, and a large amount of water vapor smoke is formed during combustion.


5. Failure of the fuel supply system of Cummins diesel generator set. The fuel supply time is late and the combustion time of available fuel is short, so the fuel cannot be burned completely in the working stroke. When the exhaust valve of the diesel generator set is opened, part of the fuel is discharged from the exhaust pipe.


6. The injector needle valve of Cummins diesel generator set is stuck in the open position or the pressure regulating spring of the injector is broken. Fuel flows into the combustion chamber by itself, increasing fuel supply, resulting in poor combustion and most of it being discharged through the exhaust pipe.


7. The plunger couple of Cummins diesel generator set is worn and its sealing performance is reduced. Although the specified fuel supply is reached during commissioning, the fuel supply is reduced in the unit length of plunger movement at the same camshaft speed when the diesel generator set is running. Therefore, in order to reach the specified fuel volume, it is necessary to extend the injection time of the diesel generator set. In this way, the fuel injected after the specified injection process can not be burned in the working stroke of Cummins diesel generator set, but discharged from the exhaust pipe.


The abnormal smoke color of Cummins diesel generator set during operation is a fault signal. At this time, the user must find out the cause and carry out maintenance in time according to the fault phenomenon, otherwise it may lead to a major fault caused by a small fault of the unit, resulting in unnecessary damage.


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