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Self-circulating Water Cooling for Diesel Generator Sets

Jun. 21, 2022

Diesel generator sets will generate a lot of heat during the working process. Cooling water is needed to cool the diesel engine of the diesel generator set. The cooling water will take away the heat of the diesel. At the same time, the high-temperature cooling water from the diesel engine also needs a cooling medium to cool. There are two commonly used methods: one is to cool the high-temperature cooling water in the water tank through the fan driven by the diesel engine, commonly known as air cooling; the other is to cool the cooling inside the diesel engine through the water in the pool or cooling tower water, commonly known as water cooling.

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It can be selected according to its environment. Generally, the diesel generator set needs to be moved frequently, so air cooling should be selected. If the diesel generator set is fixed for a long time, water cooling should be selected. Since the fan cooling water tank is removed, the noise of the unit can be reduced by about 10 decibels. At the same time, the power consumed by the fan is about 5% of the rated power of the unit. Generally, in areas with hot weather, the water temperature of the diesel engine often exceeds the rated scale, resulting in the high temperature operation of the diesel engine, while the water cooling can artificially control the water temperature, while the air cooling is limited. .

The hot water produced by the diesel engine flows from the water outlet pipe of the diesel engine to the heat exchanger. The cooling pipe of the heat exchanger cools the circulating hot water of the diesel engine. The circulating hot water of the diesel engine is cooled and returned to the diesel engine to cool the diesel engine.

After cooling, the hot water pipe sent to the heat exchanger is cooled by the cooling tower fan. The water temperature of the diesel engine of the diesel generator set is adjusted by opening the regulating water valve, and the filter filters the cold water from the cooling tower, and then enters the heat exchange pipe. The water cooling project can ensure that the diesel engine works at the best working water temperature of 75-89 degrees Celsius.

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