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Selection The Coolant for Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 10, 2023

With the improvement of diesel generator sets, the requirements for cooling medium in diesel generator sets are also correspondingly increasing. So, after all, how should we choose cooling water? When operating a diesel generator set, the normal temperature of the cooling water should be maintained at 75-90 ℃. At this moment, the diesel generator set can produce maximum power, fuel consumption will be close to the economic state, and the degree of wear and tear of the components will be relatively low. If the temperature of the cooling water is too high or too low, or if the thermostat is removed without authorization, the functionality of the cooling system will be reduced or lost.

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Due to the combustion of fuel during the operation of diesel generator sets, a lot of thermal energy is released. The gas temperature in the cylinder can reach as high as 1800~2000 ℃, and only 30%~40% of the thermal energy generated by incineration is converted into mechanical energy, with about 20%~25% being taken away by the cooling system. If the cooling system is malfunctioning and the temperature of the cooling water is too high or too low, it will not only affect the normal operation of the diesel engine, but also cause defects and incidents. Cooling water should be clean and slightly alkaline, and should not contain corrosive compounds. The cooling medium should be directed from the cooling water to the coolant. The cooling system should use clean soft water, and the pH value of the cooling water should be controlled between 8 and 11 scales to minimize fouling and blockage in the cooling system to prevent affecting the cooling effect. During use, chemical agents should be used to regularly clean the interior of the cooling system, and diesel generator sets should be used to ensure excellent cooling cycles and normal heat dissipation.

In areas or seasons where the ambient temperature is above 5 ℃, in order to reduce or avoid the corrosion and scale accumulation of the cooling system on the body, an appropriate amount of anti-corrosion oil equipped with anti rust emulsion should be added to the cooling water. When using a closed cycle cooling system in areas or seasons with an ambient temperature below 5 ℃, it is best to use antifreeze. In cold weather, in order to facilitate the start-up of diesel generator sets, hot water of around 80 ℃ can be added to the cooling system, or the lubricating oil in the oil pan can be heated before start-up. After the operation is completed and the temperature of the diesel generator set drops to 50-60 ℃, open all the drain valves of the radiator and cylinder block to drain all the water in the cooling system.

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