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Safety Management Specification For High Voltage Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 08, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. Guide: Qualification requirements for high-voltage unit operators and precautions for safe operation: operators must have the qualification of high-voltage electricians, hold the High Voltage Work Permit, have a certain professional foundation in diesel generator sets and electrical, and have received professional training for unit operation.

The voltage of high-voltage generator unit is much higher than that of ordinary units. Once an accident occurs, the consequences will be very serious. Therefore, you must first understand and be familiar with the general safety precautions of high-voltage generator unit.


1. Safety inspection before startup.

(1) Before starting the machine, please check whether the battery electrolyte is sufficient and whether the battery clamp is loose.


(2) Check whether the appearance of high-voltage cables is normal and whether the safety distance between cables of each phase is sufficient, generally 125mm.


(3) Check the antifreeze, lubricating oil and diesel oil for leakage until they meet the starting conditions.


(4) Check whether the water tank fan and belt are normal.


(5) In case of commissioning of new unit, the following tests shall also be noted:

① High voltage cable withstand voltage test must be carried out before startup, and the high-voltage cable can be connected only after the test is qualified.

② Before the high-voltage switch is energized, the high-voltage switch withstand voltage test and the protection test of integrated protection setting must be conducted first, and the power can be energized only after the test is qualified.


diesel generator set

2. Operation safety and precautions during unit operation.

(1) After the oil engine operates normally, it is necessary to check whether there is leakage of lubricating oil, antifreeze and diesel oil.


(2) Check whether the parameters of the oil engine are within the reasonable range.


(3) Pay attention to whether the high-voltage switch, closing and opening are normal. Observe the electrical parameters of the high-voltage switch and compare them with the parameters of the controller.


(4) In case of parallel operation, pay attention to observe whether the unit operates smoothly, and the changes of various parameters after parallel operation.


(5) The engine block temperature is high when the unit is running. Please keep away from the engine block.


(6) When the high-voltage switch is closed or opened, the operation ticket shall be filled in and a notice shall be given.


3. Safety inspection after shutdown.

(1) After the unit is shut down, due to the high body temperature, pay attention to personal safety, and do not close to the unit, especially the exhaust pipe.


(2) After shutdown, if it is found that antifreeze needs to be supplemented, the water tank cover cannot be opened immediately to add water, because the antifreeze temperature is high at this time, it will splash on people, causing injury.


4. Maintenance safety.

The following principles shall be observed when maintaining high-voltage cables or high-voltage switches:


(1) No live line operation is allowed. The high-voltage cable must be fully discharged before operation, and can only be carried out after safety confirmation. First, use the grounding rod to discharge, and then use the electric testing rod to test whether it is live.


(2) If the high-voltage switch is equipped with a grounding knife switch, the grounding knife can be closed for discharge, which is more convenient.


(3) Before maintenance, it is necessary to fill in the maintenance work ticket and specify the work content as required.


(4) During maintenance, all possible live switches on the line must be disconnected to prevent power transmission by mistake.


(5) After the maintenance, if the high-voltage cable is replaced, the voltage withstand test must be carried out first before power transmission.


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