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Safety Maintenance Knowledge of Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 26, 2023

The diesel generator set must be regularly maintained by professionals, so as to ensure the stability of the unit in use. However, in the maintenance of diesel generator sets, the safety of operators is the key content of the work. Today, Dingbo Power Generation Equipment will share the knowledge of unit maintenance safety with you, hoping to give you some help.

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The diesel generator set maintenance safety knowledge is shared as follows:

(1) Strictly implement the safety operation regulations of diesel generator set formulated by the manufacturer. When inspecting or repairing the electrical equipment of the unit, operations should not be carried out before cutting off the power supply.

(2) Operators should wear rubber shoes with good insulation performance. Do not wear bare feet or cloth shoes. The body should not be soaked through. Do not operate the diesel generator set or play with the wires with wet hands.

(3) The diesel generator set shall be equipped with a grounding device to ensure good grounding, and the grounding resistance shall not be greater than 50 Ω.

(4) The insulation of the load output line must be good and should be above the head. If it is impossible to spend, there should be facilities to prevent being trampled on.

(5) The installation and maintenance of power lines and electrical equipment should be carried out by qualified electricians.

(6) When the diesel generator set is wet, measures shall be taken to dry it before starting operation.

(7) Do not directly clean the diesel generator set and other electrical equipment with water.

(8) The diesel generator set shall be at least 1m away from other equipment or articles and away from flammable and explosive articles.

(9) During the operation of diesel generator set, it is not allowed to add fuel to the fuel tank. When adding fuel, there should be no shortage or overflow of fuel. Do not smoke near the device and do not operate sparks or flames.

(10) The use site should have good ventilation, a dry environment, and measures to prevent rain and sun rain. The floor should be flat to avoid fuel spillage or dumping of equipment. Do not operate gasoline generator sets in caves or tunnels.

(11) The user is specially reminded that the diesel generator set shall not be connected to the urban power grid without permission without the consent of the power supply department, otherwise the unit and other accidents may be damaged.

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