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Requirements for The Use of Connecting Rod Bolts in Diesel Generators 2

Dec. 28, 2023

In this article, diesel generator set manufacturers will continue to introduce the precautions for connecting rod bolts in maintenance:

When tightening the bolts, if it is found that the torque of a certain bolt on the same connecting rod exceeds the specified value by too much, the two connecting rod bolts on that connecting rod should be completely loosened and then tightened alternately in stages, and the two bolts should be tightened uniformly. It is not allowed to only loosen the bolt that has been tightened too tightly, otherwise the bolt will generate additional bending stress and be prone to fatigue fracture.

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During the process of tightening the connecting rod bolts, efforts should be made to rotate the crankshaft and check if it rotates freely. If the crankshaft is difficult to rotate after tightening the bolts, the cause should be identified, and the connecting rod bolts should not be loosened to rotate the crankshaft.

3. To prevent loosening of connecting rod bolts or nuts during operation, new anti loosening devices such as split pins, iron wires, or locking plates should be used to lock them tightly; If the groove on the nut is not aligned with the hole on the bolt, in principle, it can only be aligned in the direction of tightening; Used cotter pins, iron wires, or locking plates must not be used again.

4. During use, the fastening condition of the connecting rod bolts should be checked regularly. If any looseness is found, the cause should be identified, and the bolts should be checked for damage. Then, use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts in stages according to the specified torque to the specified value.

5. During the operation of a diesel engine, when the connecting rod bolts become loose or stretched, before they are completely loosened or broken, there will be a loud knocking sound and vibration due to the loose connecting rod bearings. At this time, the engine should be stopped immediately to avoid further accidents.

When a connecting rod bolt slips, cracks or breaks, the two connecting rod bolts on the same connecting rod should be replaced in pairs, and the old and new bolts should not be used together.

7. When a diesel engine burns its bearings multiple times or severely at once, the material of the connecting rod bolt undergoes changes in the metallographic structure and mechanical strength due to high-temperature annealing, and should be replaced.

8. When a diesel engine experiences a speeding, cylinder biting, or overturning accident, the inspection of the connecting rod bolts cannot be ignored. When deformation or cracking of the bolts is found, they should be replaced in a timely manner.

10. To prevent fatigue fracture and damage to connecting rod bolts, even if there is no obvious damage to the outer surface of the bolts, they should be replaced when the diesel engine has been working for a total of 6000-7000 hours or when the diesel engine is accidentally damaged during major repairs.

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