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Repair Method for Stuck Fuel Injector of Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 19, 2022

Do you know what is the best way to repair the stuck injector of diesel generator set? First put the stuck injector into diesel or oil to warm it up, then take it out and wrap it with cloth, then clamp the needle valve with pliers and remove it. Move slowly to remove the needle valve from the needle valve body. Drop a small amount of clean oil into the needle valve body to make the needle valve move repeatedly in the needle valve body until the needle valve can move freely in the needle valve body. If there are burn marks on the sealing surface of the needle valve, it should be ground with abrasive paste. When grinding, pay attention to the amount of grinding paste and grinding time. Install the cleaned bell valve coupler on the fuel injector and adjust the fuel injection pressure before reuse. The frequency of the diesel generator set has a certain suitable range, and we need to adjust the necessary frequency.

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Too low frequency has a very unfavorable impact on electrical equipment. However, many customers do not pay attention to this problem and adjust the frequency of diesel generator sets at will. So, what kind of adverse effects will the low frequency bring to the diesel generator set? When running at low frequency, the ventilation volume of the generator will be reduced. In order to maintain the normal voltage, it is required to increase the excitation current, so that the temperature rise of the top and rotor of the diesel generator set will increase. In order not to exceed the temperature rise limit, the diesel generator set has to be reduced. power generation. The low frequency operation will increase the pressure on the turbine blades, cause the resonance of the blades, shorten the life of the blades, and even break the blades.

As the frequency decreases, the reactive power load in the system will increase, resulting in a drop in the system voltage level. During low frequency operation, due to the increase of magnetic flux density, the core loss and excitation current of the transformer will increase. In order not to exceed the temperature rise limit, the transformer load has to be reduced. It can be seen that if the frequency of the diesel generator set is too low, it will affect the normal operation of the unit, and even cause the entire system to collapse. In order to avoid the impact of the system frequency drop, we need to set it according to the rated frequency of the system, and adjust it in time when the frequency changes, which has an important impact on the stable operation of the diesel generator set. Similarly, too high frequency has a great impact on the diesel generator set, remember not to exceed 5% of the rated value.

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