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How to Repair and Maintain The Turbocharger of Diesel Generator Sets?

Feb. 16, 2022

The diesel generator set engine exhaust turbocharger can increase the power of the engine by 30% or more, reduce the fuel consumption by about 5%, and reduce the cost output to achieve the same power effect, which can achieve good economic benefits. However, in its application process, the supercharger usually fails to achieve the expected effect due to installation and wrong operation.

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1. Oil must be used well

Generally speaking, the damage of the engine turbocharger is caused by the damage of the oil seal between it and the intake pipe, resulting in large-scale oil burning. From the observation, it is known that the damage of the oil seal is largely due to the failure of the user to schedule. Replacement of the oil, or the selection of shoddy oil, causes the floating turbine main rotating shaft to be unable to lubricate and discharge heat daily, and then damage the oil seal at high temperatures and cause oil leakage.

Therefore, it is suggested that the turbocharged engine should use high-quality oil with good heat resistance and anti-oxidation, and pay attention to reasonably shorten the oil change cycle.

2. Pay attention to keep the turbine clean

The matching gap between the turbocharger shaft and the shaft sleeve is small, so if the selected oil is not clean or the oil filter is not clean and debris enters, it will immediately cause excessive wear of the turbocharger. In addition, if there is a lot of debris in the inhaled air, once these dust particles enter the supercharger impeller rotating at a high speed, the dust particles will immediately hit the supercharger impeller, thereby causing unstable operation of the turbine, shaft sleeve and the seals are worn, so special attention should be paid to changing the oil filter and air filter in a timely manner for the models that use the turbo to keep the turbo clean.

3. The cold car should start slowly, and the hot car should be idling for a while before turning off. After the above understanding, we now know that the turbine is a high-speed rotating component, so real-time protection of the oil must be provided. In the early stage of the cold start the oil, generally speaking, the temperature is relatively low and viscous, and the lubrication effect is not good, and there must be a link and time for it to warm up to the daily working temperature. If you force the turbine to run at full load during these few minutes, This will immediately increase the wear of the turbine and shorten the service life of the turbine.

4. Regular inspection is critical. Regular maintenance of diesel generator sets, to put it bluntly, is like regular maintenance of our human body. Cultivating this hobby can help us deal with turbine problems in a timely manner and be prepared.

We should always check the surface of the turbocharger to see if each sealing ring is damaged, whether the oil inlet pipe and oil return pipe joints are loose and oil seeps, and whether there is residual organic oil in the exhaust outlet of the supercharger, compression Whether there is organic oil in the wall of the machine's intake straight pipe, and whether there is abnormal noise or abnormal vibration in the turbocharger. If you notice the above abnormal conditions in your normal operation, you must go to overhaul as soon as possible to prevent more serious damage to components.

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