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Regulation Principle of Small Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 08, 2022

Small diesel generator set is a kind of power machine with low power, which uses diesel as fuel and uses diesel engine as prime power to drive generator set to generate electricity. Today, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will simply share with you the mediation principle and characteristics of small diesel generator sets.

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1. There are differences between voltage regulation and frequency regulation: in a system, frequency values are consistent regardless of region, and the balance of active power is also the power balance of the whole system; However, the voltage level is inconsistent in different power consumption areas. Reactive power balance is mainly the balance in different areas. The power plant's ability to regulate voltage can only be within a small area around it.

2. Multiple small diesel generator units operate in parallel. When one unit is regulated by the above method, the effect on system frequency and voltage is not significant. It is mainly used to regulate the load distribution among the units. Especially for small units in large systems, the output size will not have a substantial impact on the voltage and frequency, and the units can be adjusted as required. Therefore, the regulation of small diesel generator set connected to the grid is much simpler.

3. When keeping the unit's active output unchanged, changing the excitation can change the unit's reactive output and power factor; When the excitation current remains unchanged, increase the active output, and the reactive output of the unit will decrease. If it is necessary to keep it unchanged, the excitation must be increased accordingly.

During low power factor operation, the burden of excitation system will be increased. In order not to exceed the excitation current under full load rated condition, the unit output (kW and KVA) shall be limited. In order to ensure the stable operation of the unit and maintain a certain stability margin between parallel motors, the excitation of the unit shall be controlled to avoid leading phase operation. The excitation current shall not be reduced too low, and measures shall be taken to prevent loss of excitation.

4. The excitation system not only plays a very important role in the unit operation, but also is the weakest part of the unit and has the highest failure rate in structure. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of power generation, enough attention must be paid to the excitation system. Necessary inspection shall be carried out after shutdown and before startup, especially for the brush device of the coaxial exciter. The technical conditions of the brush, brush holder and commutator surface shall be checked, and purging shall be carried out when necessary; During operation, the brush shall be checked frequently for fire and jumping; Strengthen the inspection, repair and maintenance of excitation system. This is one of the important means to prevent generator failure.

5. Another feature of the small diesel generator set is that it can be used in one dynasty for thousands of days. Therefore, when not in use, it is likely to be affected by moisture. The most active preventive measure is to ask the manufacturer to conduct moisture-proof treatment for the winding insulation. It is an effective moistureproof method if the internal temperature of the unit can be 5-10C higher than the environment on site. If the motor has been affected with damp and the insulation is unqualified, do not apply voltage to the motor but dry it first. In addition, implement the regular operation of the unit (generally twice a month, and pay attention to the overhaul after 300 hours of operation and half a year of operation). The trial operation system is also a common method to ensure that the unit is in good condition.

The above five points comprehensively describe the regulation principle and characteristics of small diesel generator sets, hoping to provide help to users. Users can take certain measures in advance to avoid many controllable hidden dangers and reduce economic losses.

Starlight Power was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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